3 years

3 years - The cat, you and us

Today is our third wedding anniversary! Yay! I still remember our wedding preparations very vividly and sometimes I get to remember those details with friends that are in the wishlist stage, which is always nice, but no wonder is quite a milestone to celebrate. I think I have that feeling because I start counting our life together considering him something bigger than my boyfriend when we welcomed our little Juno, so those 3 years are 5 in my head and much more years in my heart.

Autum cat outfit - The cat, you and us

Cat t-shirt from Pepa Loves (isn’t it amazing?), Green skirt from Urban Outfitters, Bowler hat (oldie), Tartan scarf from Zara (oldie).

cat t-shirt & a bowler hat - The cat, you and us Autum cat outfit - The cat, you and us

Red shoes from Swedish Hasbeens.

cat t-shirt - The cat, you and us

Custom cat necklace from FlowerLand.

Autumn man outfit - The cat, you and us dotted bow tie - The cat, you and us

Bow tie from El Olivar.

We long decided this year we weren’t going on a travel to celebrate the wedding anniversary (see our Paris trips for the first anniversary and the second anniversary). I won’t lie and tell I’m perfectly fine with it, because no, travelling is one of those things that we need so much, like breathing. It’s maybe strange to state this while I have revealed that I’m scared of planes, but once I’m on the destination the planes images go away in a heartbeat. Dani is my best adventures companion, we have so much fun scheming our route for the day and never ever have a bad feeling or argue when travelling. Also true we don’t fight a lot during regular days, but the routine does not make the best version of ourselves, travel does, photography does.

But fear not! (watching Macbeth may have affected my writing, ha!) we are already dreaming very hard, and a clear image is already forming in our travel minds, we’ll share when the wishing well answers us, don’t worry. Instead this year we are having a dinner date to a fancy Mexican restaurant called Hoja Santa, which I’m very excited to try! The restaurant is from a very well-known chef brothers so I already know it is going to be perfection (add foddie heart eyes emoji): yummy tacos and margaritas will be part of our celebration, that’s for sure.

3 years - The cat, you and us Autum cat outfit - The cat, you and us Autum cat outfit - The cat, you and us cat t-shirt, green skirt and tartan scarf - The cat, you and us Parque de la España Industrial - The cat, you and us Autumn man outfit - The cat, you and us Autumn outfit - The cat, you and us Parque de la España Industrial - The cat, you and us 3 years - The cat, you and us Bowler hat & cat t-shirt - The cat, you and us Autum cat outfit - The cat, you and us 3 years 3 years - The cat, you and us 3 years - The cat, you and us 3 years - The cat, you and us

We thought it could be fun to make a photo session showing you our anniversary date outfits. I’m wearing a cat-inspired outfit because taking Juno with us to the restaurant was a must and my wedding shoes. Dani is wearing a shirt which is very similar to the one he wore on our wedding and a bow tie, which he always reserves for big events.

Do you like them? What type of outfits do you usually prefer for your dates?

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU GUYS!! Damaris your shirt and that scarf are exquisite and Dani is very looking oh so dapper. I also loved that you wore your wedding shoes!!! It’s so sweet you make awesome travel companions and your dinner date sounds (and looks!) like it will be super cute :) Also how on earth did you get such nice couple shots? tripod? Mega respect!!!

    20th October 2015
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Happy 3 year anniversary dearest Damaris and Dani!!
    I never knew you were scared of planes :P I love flying
    but with all the planes incidents in the last past years,
    it does made me think about the safety of it.
    You look gorgeous Damaris, really loving the cat shirt
    and the tartan scarf! I hope the Mexican restaurant
    was a nice one! Xx

    20th October 2015
  3. Mariko ADDS...

    Congratulations you crazy kids! Beautiful photos, as usual. Damaris, that shirt is amazing, and I love that you have a necklace of you’re cat’s face. You guys are adorable.

    20th October 2015
  4. Klara ADDS...

    Congratulations on your anniversary! It’s so great to have found a soulmate and to know that you can actually do anything with that person… forever!
    I’ve just found your blog through ModCloth Style Gallery and I’m so glad I did! Your blog is so precious and you guys are cute. I’m hooked!

    20th October 2015
  5. Nazlıgül ADDS...

    I can’t believe that you’re two married although you seem you are meant for each other! Happy anniversaries!

    Nazlıgül | on my own way

    20th October 2015
  6. Elisse ADDS...

    Congrats! You guys look so cute together :)

    21st October 2015
  7. Louise ADDS...

    Ahww, happy anniversary! These pictures are beautiful, and you guys are beautiful. You look so cute together!

    21st October 2015
  8. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Happiest anniversary to the sweetest couple on the Internet :) Here’s to many many more!

    27th October 2015

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