Paris: Paris je t’aime

For our first wedding anniversary we had something very special in mind: a visit to Paris during that weekend :) And we did!

It was very exciting to me as it was my first time in the French city, which is quite unusual as I have spent lots of time with my family as a kid in France, but not Paris. I visited mostly the south and the Bretagne, which I can highly recommend. Dani was with his parents and brother when they were little kids, so it was also an awesome opportunity for him to see the city with adult eyes and well, enjoy it together as newer weds. I know, I am quite cheesy, but what can I do? It’s the city of love, right? ;)

As usual our plans included both some of the highlights of the city, Tour Eiffel & Sacre Coeur and recommendation from bloggers for a more local touch, like the Promenade plantée. In fact we had our plans quite open because of the weather, if the rain came which seem a very certain possibility, we would change the city walkabout for an intense museum visiting. Both plans sounded great, however not matter how we love to visit museums (a lot!), as it was my first time in the city, I secretly wished we were able to just walk to see the buildings, shops, cafés and people.

Luckily we skipped the rain during almost all the day, only in the afternoon was when we got soaked, because yes, although we have been carring all the day long a big umbrella (and my rain boots) it only started when we left the hotel without our raining objects after a casual stop to have some coffee there, Oops :S

And it’s time to talk about the hotel, we took advantage of a a special offer for the 123 Sebastopol which was a newly opened hotel near Le Marais inspired in the movies theme. It was beautiful, new, comfy, and with lots of little details that made it one of the best stays ever. The breakfasts were so good, with the best croissants and cheese which let’s be honest, I don’t need a lot more to eat in Paris than those two :) Also the hotel had all the beverages in the rooms for free (if you asked for a refill in a certain one, then a charge was taken) and during all the afternoon there were complimentary snacks, tea and coffee for all their guests.

Paris may be one of the cities with more restaurants & cafés offer, it is amazing to see how everyone is in their terraces looking people passing by, although it may be freezing outside. Eating is always an important part of our trip experiences, and this time all of the blog-recommended places were a hit, so we have to give you the list: the cozy (and crowded) Creperie de Josselin with the most amazing bretonne cheese crepes and the mouth-watering nutella ones, a steak tartar & fries in La Favorite (try the poélé version, yummy!), the avocado bagel in Le Coffee Parisien and the funky pizzas of Pink Flamingo. We can’t praise enough all of them! If you go to Paris do not miss by any means Josselin and La Favorite.

Our three days in the most beautiful fall weather were a blast and Paris has easily scaled in my top favorite cities, because with their architecture, food and gardens Oh la la she stole our hearts ♥

** This post is part of our Paris series **

Taking pictures in Paris - The cat, you and us

First visit in Paris, Le Tour Eiffel, and we are already photography nuts :)

Dani in Paris - The cat, you and us

Dani rocking his “Back to the future” vest.

Champs de mars balloons - The cat, you and us

We thought this balloons needed some love :)

Damaris with balloons - The cat, you and us Tour Eiffel - The cat, you and us

This picture may look familiar to those who also follow us in Instagram, hello Paris!

Montgallet metro station - The cat, you and us

The frames of the posters in the subway impressed me. Also the colorful (and solitary) single chairs caught our eye.

Boulangerie - The cat, you and us

Lots of old boulangeries are now converted in other stores. You may be glad to know that this was still a boulangerie :)

Paris streets - The cat, you and us Sacre coeur - The cat, you and us

On the second day, thus my outfit changes here :P, we visited Le Sacre Coeur and Montmatre.

Sacre coeur - The cat, you and us Sacre coeur bench - The cat, you and us Sacre coeur views - The cat, you and us Sacre coeur viewing point - The cat, you and us Montmatre in blue - The cat, you and us

We took the recommendation from the lovely Deniz to visit the back streets of Montmatre for a more real experience of the neighborhood. So good one! As we were pretty overwhelmed with the tourists and street vendors after our quick stop at the Sacre Coeur.

Jour et Nuit - The cat, you and us Parisian cafe - The cat, you and us L'Atelier - The cat, you and us

Montmatre had lots of colorful doors and window blinds.

Green Plomberie - The cat, you and us

A group of workers in the street were so amused by us taking pictures in front of closed doors that asked us if we wanted a picture of us together. We found lots of nice people in Paris!

Laduree macarons - The cat, you and us

Laduree is a very (posh) fancy bakery famous for its made in heaven macarons. We chose a lemon, raspberry, candy strawberry and liquorice set, two for each, could you guess which ones were mine?

Damaris by the Seine - The cat, you and us Seine riverside - The cat, you and us Centre Pompidou - The cat, you and us

Centre Pompidou is the modern art museum of the city, very interesting architecture and very painful to not have enough time to visit it :S

Centre Pompidou - The cat, you and us Centre Pompidou - The cat, you and us Centre Pompidou - The cat, you and us

People hanging in Pompidou’s slope square, listening to the rock and pop hits played by this cute young couple.

Centre Pompidou - The cat, you and us Le loir dans la theiere - The cat, you and us

Le loir dans la théière is a tea place with an amazing atmosphere and beautiful drawings in the wall (sorry we were not able to take a proper picture of them!).

Le loir dans la theiere - The cat, you and us Who's there - The cat, you and us Dani under a Parisian bridge - The cat, you and us Ile de la cité - The cat, tou and us Paris at night - The cat, you and us

Night, night! See you in the next post to walk together along Paris beautiful gardens!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    wow. really beautiful! i hope we can make it out to paris one day as well.

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Sure you can make a little detour to Paris after your visit to Barcelona ;)

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awww, you can visit Centre Pompidou next time c: it will stay
    on it spot! The backstreets are indeed lovely c; xx

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, you are right :) and we will definitely are going to visit it next time.

  3. Sally ADDS...

    Such gorgeous photos! I’m glad you had such a good time, Paris is one of my favourite cities, I’m so happy you can just jump on a train there now from London.
    Also – love your patterned dress :)

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      You are so lucky about the train, I read it is only about 2 hours to go from Paris to London. Two of my favorite cities so near one of each other! now if we could move to one of them ;) Thanks about the dress! The pattern is black dandelions :)

  4. Deniz ADDS...

    Oh your trip looks amazing and it makes me crave for Paris again, I miss there so badly! And I get very happy to see my suggestions worked for your Montmartre part :)

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Your recommendations worked great! We will certainly will use more the next time we will visit it, we loved the city so much :) and we missed not being able to make it this time to Rue Oberkampf as you suggested.

  5. Awww such a lucky couple, you travel so much!
    Beautiful photos as always, BTW ;)

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Nadia!! :) We are so thankful about this last year which he have been lucky to visit amazing places, let’s hope this year will bring us also good things.

  6. Jill ADDS...

    Isn’t Paris just lovely? I visited the city over the summer by myself and I enjoyed it a lot. You took some beautiful pictures, really capturing the atmosphere of the city!

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh Jill, thanks! Completely agree, the city has that je ne sais pas charm :) I bet it was wonderful in summer!

  7. Mariko ADDS...

    Paris was #2 on our list of possible honeymoon destinations, but we picked Tokyo instead! We will be sure to go soon, though. Flying to Paris (across the Atlantic) is actually cheaper for me than flying home to see my family (other side of Canada). Go figure.

    25th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Wow! How crazy that a domestic flight is more expensive than an international one :S Tokyo and Paris, both beautiful in their so very different ways :) :) Happy to know that we share the same destinations :)

  8. Fiona ADDS...

    No better place for a wedding anniversary! I’m glad the weather held out enough for you guys to be able to explore :) Such magical photos! By the way, did you make Dani carry your umbrella! he he he (I’m really bad for bringing lots of stuff and then poor Ben ends up carrying it!) Your dress is so pretty and I like Dani’s back to the future vest :) I really look forward to your walk along the beautiful gardens!!! It’s so lovely to be able to “travel” with you guys :)

    26th November 2013
    • We reply...

      I totally made Dani carry my umbrella :S hahahahah He used his backpack to hold it, so I hope it wasn’t too annoying for him ;) Aw, Thanks Fee for joining us in our travels!!! ♥

  9. sara ADDS...

    everything good here ;)

    26th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Paris has so many good things, thanks Sara!

  10. petra ADDS...

    oh no, oh no, oh no… I lived in Paris for a while. and I miss it soooo much. fantastic pics. I’m glad you could make it there and that you liked it xoxo

    26th November 2013
    • We reply...

      You lived in Paris? That must be fantastic, I am always fantasizing of having long stays in my favorite cities :)

  11. Rowdy Fairy ADDS...

    Very lovely photos! I love Paris, i’m glad to see you liked it too! I find that people either love or hate this city

    26th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks! I get what you say, here in Barcelona there are passionate discussions about which one is better Paris or London, as London represents what people “hate” about Paris and otherwise. I have to say that I absolutely love both! :)

  12. rikki ADDS...

    so lovely! i hope to visit someday :)

    27th November 2013
  13. Louise ADDS...

    Paris really is a great place for your wedding anniversary, isn’t it. All the pictures are lovely, I especially love the metro-one. Centre Pompidou is one of my favourite museums in Paris (of the ones I visited!), the one I like better though will always be Musée d’Orsay. I’d love to go to Musée de l’Orangerie sometime and see Monet’s water-lilies. But seeing this is your first trip to Paris you really made the most of it already!!

    28th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh Musée d’Orsay is another one we regret not being able to visit this time! :) We definitely should visit Paris again (and again and again :P)

  14. Constance ADDS...

    Paris is a beautiful city, love the pictures!!

    18th December 2013
    • We reply...

      Paris is a must for everyone! :) Thanks Constance

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