Lucila + Eduard

I met Lucila during the break periods in our school, when instead of cheerleading our boy mates playing soccer (as popular girls in class did), we preferred to hang out and talk about movies. I was completely intrigued by her tale of the movie Seven and all her knowledge of films, culture and art. She was a wallflower just like myself :) and we bound quickly.

She met Eduard in college, he is one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. He engages to talk about everything with true eagerness.

I love how they both look at each other.

This month is their 10th anniversary and we were happy to be at their home taking some pictures for them. Completely in love with the “Italian movie” feeling of the pictures.

Come and meet our friends!

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  1. Mollie - 29th July 2013

    These are incredible. I can’t believe that you took a hose, a moldy wall, and a couple paper lanterns and come out with this! Beautiful.

    • We reply...

      Thanks! :)

  2. Fiona - 21st September 2014

    Really really cute photos!

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