Sonia + Julio got married this weekend

Happy Spring!

Last week I was with a flu that kept me in bed with fever, which due to my recent lack of anticipation lead to having a week with no posts ready, oops! Next time I should make sure to have something arranged ahead, at least one post won’t hurt me, won’t it? ha! In fact, the same exact thing happened not only in my blog life but my personal one, lesson learnt you guys!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was in charge of the speech during my cousin Julio’s wedding. He asked me to do it like months ago, but I was postponing it because partially I lacked inspiration and also I was overloaded with work. Maybe the first had totally to do with the second, the work has left me lately with very little time to get inspiration and create. Well, not complaining here, just mentioning it because I convinced myself that I was going to write it during the same week and that everything was going to be fine. Well, you can see where I’m going to, the flu and fever was not a good companion to write and ended up this last Friday in the train in our way to Madrid (where the wedding took place) writing the speech on my little noteboook. Nevertheless the pressure worked wonders, I guess, because luckily every anecdote of our childhood got to my head on time and was able to write just the type of speech I was happy with.

Our wedding gift to the couple was their engagement pictures and a pretty large photo book with them, so I would like to share a few with you in case you are curious about how they turned out!

The Beach

During my speech I told the couple that although I’ve been in a relationship for more than 15 years I wouldn’t dare to give any advice on what love relationships are or are supposed to grow into, I only wish them joy, respect and lots of love to figure this out themselves and for all the amazing adventures they’ll have together. So I’m once again wishing them the best from here this ye olde blog.

If you would like to see more of their pictures, at our The cat in love photography website we have a few more for each session:

  • Delta gallery
  • The Beach gallery
  • We are going to be back very soon with another chapter of our Japan adventures, one that is very special to our hearts, the trail at the Nakasendo. Hope you will re-walk the trail with us too!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me encantan las fotos, son especiales y maravillosas, aprovecho para dar las gracias a la pareja por el fin de semana que hemos pasado con ellos, compartiendo un momento precioso de su vida, gracias chicos.

    21st March 2017
  2. Love the tone of these photos! So calming! Congrats to the married couple :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    22nd March 2017
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Gorgeous pictures you guys! I love how different they two sets are but both capture the couple perfectly!! One of my fav is the beach one, where Julio is brushing Sonia’s hair or holding her head and she is looking up at him :) Yay for your speech, the little summary you wrote above sounds perfect and boo to all your sickness and work – here’s hoping April is a little kinder to you!!

    22nd March 2017
    • We reply...

      Thanks! That one of Julio touching Sonia’s hair is also one of my favorites! Thanks for the well wishes my dear pal!

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