Anna + Albert

This is a special post for us as it features the pictures we were happy to take during our good friends Anna & Albert wedding last March 2012.

In fact, when they asked us to be their official photographers for the event, we couldn’t have been more proud. It also allowed us to be at every time with them during this lovely and important day for them, so add another plus!.

The wedding started in Barcelona and took place in a sunny day in a small town called Els hostalets de pierola. With a relaxed feeling, just as they are, everything went smoothly until the goodbyes with the beautiful golden hour touching us.

Bring it on!

Albert Bid day newspaper Breakfast The rings The rings Albert' mother Makeup Makeup Last details Albert Albert Albert Tie Tie Reality Albert Albert Albert The bride Albert' car Albert with his rings The bride on her car Albert Anna's father Anna and her father The bride's bouquet Anna Last picture as a non-married couple Anna + Albert Anna + Albert entrance in the city hall Changing rings Damaris' red shoes Rice Rice 2 Rice 3 First kiss as married couple First kiss 2 Anna + Albert Anna + Albert Grooms men Rings 31-03-2012 Lomo version Toast Golden hour at the end of the day Kiss at the golden hour Kiss at the golden hour 2
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  1. Albert ADDS...

    Fotos de 10 per un dia de 10. Moltes gràcies per aquets fantàstics records :-)

    13th May 2013

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