Ariadne’s thread

We went to the Labrynth park in Barcelona for some fun recreation of the Ariadne and Theseus myth. We knew that the thread was the most indispensable thing in order to defeat the Minotaur, so we thought ahead and got some red wool to use it as the clue to find the exit of the labrynth :)

The Ariadne and Theseus myth is the motto of the creation of this neoclassic garden, finished on the early years of the 19th, that was once the private park of a Barcelona family called Desvalls.

The garden is a great place to escape of the city for a few hours specially as it is easily reachable by subway: Mundet stop on the L3 (green) line plus 5-10 minute walk.

We were there on a Sunday (free entrance day), but I guess it is not a great idea in the good weather seasons as it is fully packed with people with kids playing, crashing a little the “lost-feeling” inside the labrynth. During summer, we would recommend visiting it in weekdays and, even better, next to the closing hour (from 6 to 9pm) to enjoy a good light.

Damaris smiling - the cat you and us

Ready to save that Theseus from the Minotaur claws :)

Dani red wool - the cat, you and us Damaris red wool - the cat, you and us Labrynth park - the cat, you and us

There is a neoclassic sculpture in the center of the Labrynth for the lucky ones that reach it. This time, somehow (I will not blame anyone here…ehem..), we weren’t able to find it.

clue - the cat, you and us

Loosing the thread to leave the clue.

Dani behind the branches - the cat you and us Damaris - the cat, you and us flowers - the cat, you and us Dani hurry - the cat, you and us Damaris close-up - the cat you and us red wool red shoes - the cat, you and us Dani, Albert - the cat, you and us walking - the cat you and us

Thanks Anna and Albert for following the Ariadne’s thread with us :)

Damaris labrynth - the cat you and us Ariadne's thread - the cat you and us

I wore my miniature spools necklace in case we ran out of thread to find the exit :)

red wool - the cat, you and us red spider web - the cat you and us

“Like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps”

Dani + Damaris - the cat, you and us

found you! :)

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  1. Irela ADDS...

    You guys are too cute. What an awesome concept, lovely pictures as always ♥

    14th August 2013
  2. Albert ADDS...

    Anna’s fault, as always…

    14th August 2013
  3. leblogdenini ADDS...

    Nice photos;-)) byy

    14th August 2013
  4. Deniz ADDS...

    Haha very good idea! I’ve been to Barcelona but never visited there, now I feel regret :)

    14th August 2013
  5. Leeds ADDS...

    you guys are the cutest!!! this place looks super cool, i love mythology!!! and your little thread spools necklace is adorable!!

    at this volume

    15th August 2013
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    I love mazes! Australia claims to have the largest maze, “Tasmazia” which I visited almost a year ago now :) If you ever come to Australia I vote you go there!

    15th August 2013
    • We reply...

      We would loooove to visit Australia one day! :) I have looked for tasmazia maze images and is the cutest place!!! Chubby greenery walls and colorful houses :) Sure it will be a must when we are able to travel there.

  7. Sonia ADDS...

    Such beautiful photos!

    15th August 2013
  8. Anna ADDS...

    Ejem ejem… Crec que estic guanyant punts en això de la orientació… A la pròxima guio jo!!! Jejeje
    Per cert, molt chules les fotos!!

    15th August 2013
  9. Gerard ADDS...

    Nice photos in a nice place!!!

    16th August 2013
  10. Eszter ADDS...

    I think this might be a stroller friendly park.
    Did you only see children or babies as well?
    How long was it for you to find your way out of the labyrinth?
    Great post by the way!

    17th August 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! There were both kids and babies in the park, however inside the labrynth mostly children running ;) With the pictures and everything we were about 1h inside the maze, but it is not very big, if you only wish to find the exit it would be around 15 minutes! :) The surroundings of the maze are also beautiful.

  11. Louise ADDS...

    I love the idea of taking the wool (symbolic as the thread, of course) to a labyrinth, quite clever indeed. The pictures are cute, looks like you guys had a nice day!

    17th August 2013

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