Baby, I was made for u

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us

… and you were made for me too?

I know today has usually a very cheesy celebration attached to it, but as it happens with Christmas, I like to think about it more globally and celebrate LOVE, in capital letters, of all kinds. It may seem silly that we need a day to celebrate love, as we would need a massive reminder of how important it is, crazy? Not that much, in fact we are striving every day to feel it from everyone around us: a good word from your work pals, a laugh with a friend while taking coffee, a mom advice making sure you are eating properly (so you don’t die from starvation, mothers!) or an impromptu hug from your beau after a silly fight. Why shouldn’t we have a day to remember that we are not the only ones struggling?

Well, hey, here we are to shout out love, with our little fur photo-bomb specialist (aka Juno), because loving her is also one of the most special things we got in our lives.

Happy Valentine’s to Juno, to us, to you and your loved ones!

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us

Do you know that we have this felt heart since our engagement? I made it as a prop for our engagement pictures and is now a solid deco item in our living room, next to our wedding album (talking about cheesy, ha!).

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us

You may have noticed a recurrent theme in our recent pictures with this cinema light box. I change it every week, with a small quote from a movie/series or a short part of a song depending on the week’s mood. Fun but also kind of liberating.

Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us Baby I was made for u -The cat, you and us

We are not having any special date (we skip Valentine’s expensive menus) still, we went to our favorite lunch place (at 17:00, yes, I dare to call it lunch, ha!) and have spent the afternoon with Juno while watching the last 2 episodes of Stranger Things 2. Not a bad Valentine’s date after all *wink*

How is your day looking like? Which was your first hug today?

Hope you feel our love ♥ today, and always!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys are so cute! Also Damaris, your hair is looking amazing! And I agree, it’s always a good time to celebrate love :) Ben and I did the lunch date thing too and we went out for dinner tonight (the night afterwards) to extend the love charm :) Oh and how good was strangers things 2 (about half way through the season I was super hooked!).

    15th February 2018
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Estás guapísima!!! Ese jersey te queda divino! Estáis muy simpáticos! La foto de Juno con el corazón me encanta!!

    15th February 2018
  3. Aww the felt heart and the light box all of you are so cute and lovely! Happy belated Valentine’s Day ^-^ Having a cosy day in sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I try to be cosy every evening :3 of my entire life :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    16th February 2018
  4. Mary ADDS...

    I love your day and photos! Juno is stunning, as always :D

    22nd February 2018

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