Christmas gift guide: for the Japan’s kawaii addicted or the tv/movie lover

Christmas gift guide for the Japan kawaii addicted - The cat, you and us

Just in time for the Black Friday we are sharing our Christmas gift guides, this time with a twist.

Instead of sharing the classic "for her, him and the cat" we have two moodboards with themes strongly related to our blog. The first one for the Japan kawaii addicted (or should I better say nostalgic... a.k.a me, oops! I revealed myself, ha!), and the second board for the tv/movie non-stop watcher.

Do you have a beloved one that matches in any of the former two? Jump to see what we selected!

For the Japan kawaii nostalgic

  • 1. Cat mermaid & cat patch: Because I'm not over the trend of the pin collection (and never be).
  • 2. Sailor Moon sweater: I love to give little hints in my clothing to the things I love, while not being too customey. This piece rings the bell in so many aspects, the color and the shape are adorable!
  • 3. Toy Story Woody and Bo Peep Vans: I have a small tradition of wearing a new pair of Vans when we visit Japan. A tradition that only happened twice, but this sweet pink number would make it a third if we are ever lucky to visit again.
  • 4. Mermaid Lagoon poster: One of the highlights of our trip was the day at DisneySea. Little mermaid has always been one of my all-time favorite Disney movies (alongside with Beauty and the Beast), so being able to swim into Mermaid Lagoon was a dream come true. This poster will make the cutest keepsake.
  • 5. We Stego You, Please! Wallet: This is so perfect: dinos and pink, what a combo! I'm sure I'm not the only one heart-eyed, right?
  • 6. Unicorn bed lamp: Finally, this unicorn bed lamp is labeled "for kids" in the shop, but I really can't see why this wouldn't make any grown-up happy too!
Christmas gift guide for the tv-movie aficionado - The cat, you and us

For the tv/movie aficionado

  • 1. Gilmore Girls:
    • Funko Pop vinyls set of 3 with Lorelai, Rory and Sookie, because my only complain here is that there aren't more characters to treasure.
    • Dragonfly poster, the same shop where Dani got me the "In Omnia Paratus" print has just released this super sweet one.
    • Rory and Lorelai are my spirit animal pins have the most spot-on and darling faces (need so badly!).
    • Lane's Hep Alien band tote bag to become the perfect not-obvious groupie of the Gilmore Girls.
  • 2. Stranger Things:
    • Map of Hawkins town, to cherish both the show and small towns charm.
    • Eleven Funko Pop vinyl. Even if you didn't enjoy the show you may agree with me that Eleven is one of the best pops ever made, so many good little details like the dirt in the face.
    • Claim justice for Barb with the supporting badge to the most underrated supporting character.
  • 3. Harry Potter:
    • Gryffindor Quidditch sweatshirt. Although I entered the house I can't see me joining the team any time soon (or let's say... ever!). Instead, I would be like Hermione and support them by watching the games (with a book in my hand though!)
    • The little Harry Potter glasses ring is slim and sweet.
    • A yarn beanie and scarf for your HP pops. If you are good with knitting this could also make a good DIY gift!

Christmas is around the corner, yay! See you next with the first official chapter of our Japan stories, I may be more excited for them to start than for Christmas, and if you know me, that means lots!

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  1. The wallet and bed lamp are so cute! Also loving the Dragonfly Inn poster and Quidditch sweater! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    24th November 2016
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    oh oh, so many good things, I especially love the dino wallet and the Hawkins map – how good was stranger things!! and hey since my hello kitty vans are super sad looking from too much ware maybe it’s time to more to toystory – I like your tradition btw :) :)

    27th November 2016

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