Down the corridor

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us


Starting with this expression reminds me of my teenage stage in Texas during a summer, it was the first time I ever heard it & my first overseas (and on my own – to even add more excitement!). My sweet exchange pal, Ashley (if she is reading, a big hola!), explained that this was a common way to say “hi” in the area. I’m not sure if that even applies now, but I remember back then that I thought it sounded cute! I even bought some souvenir t-shirts with the word. I was a tourist, totally allowed, ha!

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us

I guess I am nostalgic these days, not a reason why, but I feel like an old lady with my head full of anecdotes. While editing these pictures we took this last weekend on a charming passage in the Gothic neighborhood, the image of my childhood home corridor came to my mind. At the time we took the pictures the sun was almost setting, so they have a more ghostly feel than what I anticipated. Also it was still freezing cold that day, I think I can blame my blowing nose of today to my silly head on Saturday for not correctly dressing for the temperature.

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us

Well, I’m officially rambling, let’s go back to the corridor. My childhood home had a very long corridor, which my eyes back then even saw it larger. There are also no windows meaning pitch black, and it is the only way to the bathroom. So everytime I had to go to the restroom, I ran like I was in a marathon, with my eyes closed because I was completely terrified. I’ve always been a scaredy cat, and darkness does not go that well with a girl that loved to read bedtime stories. My mom usally makes fun of my corridor running old days, and some part of me is still tempted to do it now, at least a little faster walking speed, when we are visiting her. Not many things have changed for this scared-of-long-and-dark-corridors girl, haven’t they?

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us Down the corridor - The cat, you and us

My outfit: jacket, sweater and cat shoes: Zara, Skirt: Susi Sweet Dress, Necklace: Après ski, purse: gift from my aunt from Morocco, Head scarf: store in Gracia.

Do you remember something that used to scared you from your parents home? I know there is always some interesting story! Have a blast this weekend!

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    For awhile my bedroom was in the basement of our house and there was something wrong with the wiring down there so the hallway light never worked so I would run as fast as I could from the staircase into my room through the darkness. I was petrified of the dark and slept with a nightlight until I was 15. In fact, I was so scared of the dark I moved into my brother’s room so I wouldn’t have to go down into the basement any more.

    14th April 2016
    • We reply...

      The basement is the typical scariest place in horror movies and with a light not working I would have also squeezed myself into my sibling’s room or my parents! :) Although my room was next to the living room I also had to sleep with a nightlight or with the door open so I could see the light from the tv while my mom was still watching something. Thank you so much for sharing your story Mariko! :*

  2. There’s also a hallway in my house, at the end of which is a bathroom. When the door to it is open, you can see the sink and mirror above it. I’ve always been worried about crossing that hallway in the dark. Even though I’m not superstitious, ever since I learned about the Blood Mary thing (where you turn three times in front of a mirror saying Bloody Mary and then she comes out of the mirror and kills you or something like that), I’ve been a little afraid of mirrors in the dark. So whenever I’m done with that bathroom, I back out of the hallway facing the mirror, walking backwards so that I don’t accidentally turn three times in front of the mirror and say Bloody Mary (accidentally), and once I reach the other end of the hallway, I dart away. I’m not taking any chances! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    15th April 2016
    • We reply...

      Ohmy! Completely understand! Mirrors are the scariest thing in the dark. I’m always afraid I will be able to spy something horrible hiding in the room through the mirror ;) love your story and how you say that you might “accidentally” pronounce Bloody Mary, you’re so sweet! Big love!

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    My grandparents’ house in the countryside in Korea freaked me out. Well not their house but before they upgraded their plumbing we had to use the outhouse and it was just like big hole in the ground. Of course there were stories of ghosts and children gone missing and so I always hated going to bathrooms there. My mom always had to stand outside and sing for me so I knew she was there! :)

    15th April 2016
    • We reply...

      AWww that’s the sweetest end of your childhood scary story, I can totally picture your mom singing for you, love it! Big hug dear Jane! :*

  4. Jessica ADDS...

    I love your skirt! I can never go past something that’s gingham, it’s one of my favourite patterns and it always catches my eye. I also used to always run down hallways or basically run anywhere at night time cause I was scared of the dark as a kid, my dad always says that and wonders why I never run anywhere now, haha.

    Jessica –

    22nd April 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! Gingham is also a favorite of mine, always feel pretty in it. I love also when it comes in b&w. Another hallway night/dark runner, yay :)

  5. Fiona ADDS...

    Aww I love your stories – I can just imagine a little Damaris running down the hallway :) The story is just as cute as your outfits!! I am too a big scaredy cat, I remember being scared of my bathroom as a kid because I thought a ghost lived in it :P

    22nd April 2016
    • We reply...

      Hahahaha, love the bathroom ghost one, I guess bathrooms are unsettling places :) Big hug dear friend!

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