Guys also buy at Lush

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us

We know the title may be a little obvious (guys also buy beauty products, duh!) but we recently had a buying experience at our local Lush store that inspired us to write about it and show our favorite products.

A few weeks ago Dani was complaining about how he felt his hair was too fuzzy and while he is not the super beauty product user he can at the same time accept a suggestion and go with it. I’ve been using Lush products for years now and my beauty routine includes “Ocean Salt” and “Enzymion”, I won’t enter into lots of details because I’m not an expert whatsoever, but I can share that my experience has always been good with them and that I can feel my skin fresher & cleaner. Thanks to their 5 pots exchange where you get 1 free fresh masks, I have also tried several masks being my current favorite the “Love Lettuce” for its exfoliant add on.

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us

Oh, yes! we also have several bath bombs ;)

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us

I recommended Dani to visit the store together so he could ask about products for the hair that will make it softer to the touch and maybe also easier to comb. The fun thing is that although Dani was all the time managing the conversation the lady there couldn’t believe the product was for him and always ended up talking directly to me. I know it’s not a Lush thing at all, I love how they have videos of bearded men applying their products on their website and also have devoted their last catalogue to them, but I found curious that young people (because the lady looked even younger than us) still may have those prejudices that made her unintentionally react that way.

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us

This is a little corner of our bathroom, the Rilakkuma bin makes me smile. Oh! and the little bottle with dry flowers is from our wedding! (the flowers too)

Guys also buy at Lush - The cat, you and us

I can happily report that the Lush lady recommendation for the “Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease” hair treatment was spot on and he has improved the softness of his hair considerably.

Do you use beauty products on a daily basis? Which are your favorites? Do you have a recommendation to improve eye circles besides concealer? Do you have any other recommendation besides Lush? I would love to hear it!

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  1. annie lee ADDS...

    i love that bath bomb container! so cute :)

    16th April 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks Annie! :)

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Aww poor Dani! I got some of the shampoo bars for Ben because he is trying not to use any plastic packaging and it’s really hard to get shampoo not in a plastic bottle, so yay for Lush! Ben’s reports have been all positive so far :) Can I just say your bathroom is so cute! I love that you have your wedding flowers dried out, that’s so a sweet touch. Our closest lush store is down in Brisbane but I want to go again and have a good look at everything and maybe try and not spend too much money :P

    18th April 2015
    • We reply...

      So right, I’ve only seen the solid shampoo at Lush, so not an easy commitment but kuddos to Ben! :) Which one is he using? Thanks for the nice words about our bathroom & details :)

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Oh I have been trying LUSH too for the past few months and I enjoy them very much. I use mostly their hair products and both Yangkyu and I switched over to using their shampoo bars :) I am using one of their hair masks too and while it has a strong scent it really does make my hair feel soft. And I love that they are cruelty free.

    21st April 2015

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