Happy birthday hubs!

Happy Birthday - The cat, you and us

Happy birthday to my partner in crime

Just a little quick (& cheesy) post to sing happy birthday to my life partner, my best travel companion, my bestie to geek out about anything, the one with whom everything that happens makes sense ♥

He doesn’t like a lot his birthdays, or talk about how old we are, but is just that he doesn’t realize how he is just getting incredibly dapper-ier (ha! this word doesn’t even exist) each year.

As usual we are celebrating low key with a foodie date tonight, we’ll surely let you know how it all went on our snapshots series at the end of the month.

Thanks for joining me in the happy birthday to the hubs, dear blog pals! Oh! And we are posting tomorrow the first area of our brand new Barcelona City Guide featuring the Born and Gothic neighborhoods, hope you like our new video!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Felicidades, encuentro la foto y todo lo que comentáis precioso,que paséis un día muy feliz

    10th May 2016
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Happpppppppyy birthday Daniiii :D
    Age is just a number, getting old is another (good) thing too c:
    I hope you get a good slice of cake!
    Xx Ice pandora

    10th May 2016
  3. Happy birthday, have a great one! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    11th May 2016
  4. Kate ADDS...

    A very happy birthday Dani. I think foodie dates are the best birthday celebrations. We went out for Japanese on mine yum yum!

    11th May 2016
  5. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys!! Happy (very very late!) birthday Dani! :)

    16th May 2016
  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Happy belated birthday!!

    16th May 2016

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