Home for Christmas: our Christmas decorations in a short film

Christmas decorations video - The cat, you and us

How is this December going? We can’t complain! Lot of work, but still pretty things are shining from here and there. One of the things that is currently making me very happy is waking up and having our tree & home Christmas ready. I love that Dani (had to give him the kuddos!) lights the tree up every morning so I have a gorgeous tree waiting for me when I raise.

Last weekend we decorated our living room with Biel, our Christmas log (do you remember his super cute pompadour hair?), reindeer head, banners and specially the ornaments in our tree. For a change we thought it would be fun to create a little short film while we were dressing our home for Christmas; I always have so much fun watching Juno in motion afterwards!

Hope you enjoy our film! Be very welcome to our humble home!

Film by us. Music by Luthea Salom – “The way things are”

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  1. Kate ADDS...

    Oh my goodness I love it. Such a fantastic festive slice of your life :) Juno made me smile so much!!

    15th December 2015
  2. Mariko ADDS...

    I love all your adorable home made ornaments. We didn’t even take our out this year, or put up a tree since we’re going to be spending the holidays in Vancouver this year. And yay for Juno getting into the Christmas spirit!

    16th December 2015
  3. This makes me so happy! Haha at 0:41 when Dani tries to kiss Juno and Juno puts the paw up :P And also loved 1:42 where Damaris is tapping the baubles! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    16th December 2015
  4. Kristien ADDS...

    Awww! This is so adorable!
    It’s funny to see how all cat owners interact in the same way with their fluffy friend.
    Juno’s looking very cute and christmasy :)

    16th December 2015
  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    so so so very sweet. i loved the video. all your decorations and your tree look lovely but i have to say that juno steals the show! ;)

    16th December 2015
  6. Deniz ADDS...

    Oh so much work to do like yours before this year’s ended :)
    We built up our tree as well but when Türker figured out that the green light is not working today he tried to open the machine and fix it but then the lights were totally gone!! now it’s at repairman’s place. Also we sent a card & a little surprise to you guys, hope it will find you soon.
    very fun video, you should make more videos, xoxo.

    17th December 2015
  7. Fiona ADDS...

    awww so sweeet, I love this, maybe wedding videography is next on the list?? I love how Juno responds to kisses too, very much like Gremlin, I asked Ben the other day if I thought Gremlin liked kisses and he just said, he think Gremlin tolerates them :P But I secretly want to believe Gremlin loves them and is just playing it cool :) :) And hey I see an Aussie guest appearance at the end!!!! he he he he. Your whole video was so fun and sweet!

    18th December 2015

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