Instax challenge: April 2015

Instax Challenge - The cat, you and us

Here we have our Instax Challenge for the month of April that at the same time works as a little sneak peek of our following post this week. We visited a little charming place in Barcelona familiarly called “The cactus garden” and officially as Mossén Costa i Llobera garden, that was yet unknown for us but that has engrossed the list of our favorite places. We are planning on releasing a compiled guide of Barcelona here in the blog – and this will surely be in, hope this is something you will be interested!

As always we will go ahead with the lesson learned this month: checking first with your phone camera if the location/composition works can be helpful, oh! and second lesson learned: catcus are too photogenic!

How was your weekend? This was one exciting for us, we got to meet the new little furry pal of our friends Anna & Albert called Akane (don’t wory we’ll make the proper presentation of Akane in the blog soon) and a photography gig with an engagement session! tuut!

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  1. Vera ADDS...

    That photo of the cactus is so cool! I hope you can keep up with the challenge for a long time! With love,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

    20th April 2015
    • We reply...

      We have already delivered a quarter, yay! :) hope with the good weather we make it a deal to bring the camera more often with us! Thanks Vera for your comment!

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    This is a nice reminder I better not forget my April Polaroid myself :) I love this little cactus family, super cute photo and they’re definitely photogenic. I love the idea about using your phone to test composition. I actually thought I should of done that with my sunflower pic, because it didn’t quite match the view I had in my head. Can’t wait to meet Akane and to hopefully see some engagement photos!! Please share if you get the chance :) :)

    21st April 2015
  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    oh the weekend was a great one with a doggy guest and lots of backyard time. we got our veggie garden raised bed filled with soil and put together our patio furniture. our space is coming together slowly but nicely :) and i agree with you! those green pointy plants are too cute and definitely photogenic!

    21st April 2015
  4. petra ADDS...

    yeah, can’t wait for your Barcelona guide. I haven’t been in a while, but hope to visit again this year, and I’m sure your list of things to do and places to see would be very interesting xoxo

    21st April 2015

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