Instax Challenge: round-up 2015

Instax Challenge round-up - The cat, you and us

Today we are wrapping up the Instax Challenge 2015 with bittersweet feelings: We have struggled to deliver each month a picture but are also happy to have this wall art collection of our year as a carefree return ticket to all those memories.

One of our main goals with the challenge was to use the instax wide more and to take it to our adventures outside (we mostly only had home pics before) so, watching at the wall we can say that this was accomplished. We took more than 30 pictures and 95% of them were taken outside during our adventures! Still we didn’t manage to take it on travels but brought the instax to my hometown to visit my family and even was able to enjoy a beach time with us, lucky girl! (our camera is a she, y’know).

However we also were willing to learn more about how to use it, and well… I’m not sure that I can cross this out from the list. Are we more comfortable? yes! Do we think there was necessary to learn something? not sure! I think it’s those cameras where you can just point and shoot without thinking too much, only take into account that there is enough light or it will come completely black.

Instax Challenge round-up - The cat, you and us

We managed to deliver the last picture of the challenge during our New Year’s session which was taken the 31st, so on time! :)

Instax Challenge round-up - The cat, you and us

We received this present from our beloved Piri to Juno and we are all so thankful and happy with this thoughtful gift, thanks Yoos, you’re too kind!

Instax Challenge round-up - The cat, you and us

And here are the ones that didn’t made the official pic but also were a part of our challenge. Some of these are far from a good shot, but we love to keep them all! :)

Instax Challenge round-up - The cat, you and us


We would like to give a big & special thank you to the lovely ones that joined us at some part of the road during this challenge. Here are a few pictures we love!

Instax Challenge round-up - Tigerlilly Quinn

Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn joined on Instagram with a pretty bunch of pictures, she definitely has a strong game with the instax! Thanks dear!

Instax Challenge round-up - Sugar&Dinosaurs

Jasmine from Sugar&Dinosaurs joined with a twist by using her Polaroid camera. This picture is vintage-y awesome

Instax Challenge round-up - 0023am

Louise from 0023am shared hers on Instagram, and they are so so beautiful!

Instax Challenge round-up - Burntfeather

In the middle of the journey Fee from Burntfeather added the instax mini to her Polaroid challenge. She also made it more interesting using patterned film paper. Fee is the boss of any challenge! <3

Instax Challenge round-up - Winding Ridge Lane Burntfeather

(on the left) Jane & Yangkyu from Winding Ridge Lane took this adorable selfie instax, cute cute couple! (on the right) Sunflowers from Burntfeather with the most perfect color combo yellow+pink!

Instax Challenge round-up - Burntfeather

Both pictures from Burntfeather.

Maybe we are missing someone that also joined the challenge, so please add your link on the comments if that is the case, we would love to take a look at it!

Thanks for following us during this photography diary, we are not going to continue the challenge for this 2016, but we are planning on keep on taking her around, so I’m sure it will eventually make an appearance on the blog.

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    It was great seeing your Instax challenge each month! And I loved looking at Fee’s too. I”m so glad the ornament made it to you guys! :)

    4th January 2016
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh how fun to see them altogether like that! I’m glad this challenge also inspired me to finally get an instax – game changer!! It’s also inspired me to take more instant photos and be less concerned about wasted shots or thinking about how expensive the film is :P Was a fun challenge!!! So happy I could play along too :)

    5th January 2016
  3. Kaylah ADDS...

    I feel inspired to get out my instax now so thank you! :)

    5th January 2016
  4. Erin ADDS...

    I think they turned out lovely! Well done on completing the challenge x

    Erin |

    7th January 2016

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