As of late… snapshots from March

Juno blue eyes - The cat, you and us

Today is the last day of this agitated month of March. The overall feeling after this rocky (meaning work-wise) start of year, is that I need a vacation. However, when I look back at the pictures and think about what happened I can’t help it but smile back at them.

One of the most important things that happened during this month is that my dear cousin got married, and I got to be there with them to witness their love. I was helping him getting dressed at home and I was the first speech during their ceremony, for both things I feel happy and proud. I am waiting for the official wedding pictures because it will be fun to see me in such situations instead of our usual behind the camera.

For the rest of March endeavours, I won the cutest giveaway, ate quite too much outside home (again), bought new chairs and a tiny pegboard. Oh! and I’m still planning our new living room wall art: I have already taken down the old decor and want to add one of our pics from Japan, an illustration and an embroidery artwork, all of them yet to be decided.

Bangkok café thai food - The cat, you and us Bangkok café thai tea - The cat, you and us

Very close to our home we have the best Thai restaurant in Barcelona. The thai tea is my guilty pleasure!

Australia cute stamps - The cat, you and us

I think stamps can’t get any cuter than this, and tuuut tuuut they are obviously coming from Australia. Exciting!

Dear Ben Dear Fee zine - The cat, you and us Dear Ben Dear Fee zine - The cat, you and us

I won Fiona’s giveaway of a “Dear Ben, Dear Fee” zine. It is absolutely adorable. If you love zines and would like to read some soothing and heartfelt, you can grab yours too at her etsy shop!

Dear Ben Dear Fee zine - The cat, you and us Gold totoro - The cat, you and us

Gold Totoro!

Juno testing the new chairs - The cat, you and us

We bought this new comfy gray chairs because the old ones were starting to get rusty.

Wedding gift - The cat, you and us

Wedding gift packaging. The bride is a big fan of Disney like myself (or even bigger!) hence, the paper and washi tape (not that noticeable in the pic though)

Wedding guests outfits - The cat, you and us

I was very comfortable in my wedding outfit, although the cleavage is a step out of my comfort zone. I loved that it still was classy with the pink dotted teal. Dani was looking dashing in black, he also had an olive jacket.

The wedding - The cat, you and us

Thanks to Dani I have this snap of the ceremony just in the middle of my speech, I had to keep my little black notebook with me because I was so nervous I thought I was going to forget every single word, ha!

In da hood style - The cat, you and us

Dani’s t-shirt was my Christmas present, and it’s from Modcloth, it cracks me up.

Mostoles - The cat, you and us Mostoles - The cat, you and us

My cousins and auntie live in a quite far away from Madrid neighborhood (takes around 1h to get to the city center), but as a pro they have vast amounts of lands like this one here. I noted down to visit it again with our sun reflector to take some cute portraits.

Mostoles - The cat, you and us Juno's love stare - The cat, you and us

Sharing seats with Juno and her loving stare is what only takes me to be happy.

Bruschetta at Mama pizza - The cat, you and us Pizza at Mama pizza - The cat, you and us

New pizza place, yumm!

Pegboard - The cat, you and us

And this is the pegboard we got at Urban Outfitters. We named it Juno’s as a nod to Luke’s (Gilmore Girls) and have added our favorite café foods and drinks.

The month started super chilly here in Barcelona, with a strong winter vibe, but lately these last days we are having some spring signals which can only mean that brighter will happen this April, right? *wink* Oh! and it’s Easter! Do you have anything planned? We have two days off (Friday and Monday of the easter weekend) and my mom wants to come here and take me on a hike, let’s see if I can convince here to keep it calm or I will join her more sporty spirit.

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