As of late… snapshots from September

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us

No time no see and we are 1 day away from October already! what?! How's everything going at your home?

This September was quite hectic for us, we usually take my birthday as an excuse to have some days off but this year due to my work I was only able to have one single day off (still grateful I was able to!). The rest of the month has been quite uneventful, so I think that's the reason we only have pictures of my birthday celebration and a just couple more. Nevertheless, I would love if you could join me to remember that day, and hence the month, through our phone pics, shall we?

Family pic yawning Juno the cat - The cat, you and us Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us

Dani had a very foodie surprise for my big day, a gastronomic experience at one amazing restaurant called El Celler de Can Roca. The restaurant is always in every world's best restaurants lists and it's very difficult to make a reservation. He made his on the 1st of October of 2016, so he had been hiding the surprise for 1 complete year, ha! I couldn't believe my eyes when we arrived at the doorstep.

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us

This course represented the travels of the chefs, each little bit was a homage to different cuisines like Korean, Thai, Japanese, Peruvian or Turkish.

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us

The restaurant has one of those large menus with lots of different plates, I think ours had around 21. But of course, they are little bites, still when we finished the dessert I wasn't able to eat one more spoonful. It's also that kind of place where the presentation of each one of the plates is as special as the food itself. For instance we had a little bonsai brought to our table with olives hanging from the leaves. The olives where in fact olive oil ice-cream-ish spheres that exploded in your mouth, wow!

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us

Here's the bonsai! Isn't it cute?

Celler de Can Roca - The cat, you and us Celler de Can Roca dessert tray - The cat, you and us

Dani eagerly awaiting the dessert chart.

I need to thank the hubs for being able to keep this secret for a complete year! I am quite good reading his mind, so I'm sure it was not an easy feat, thanks dear! Since the restaurant is in Girona, we seized the opportunity to visit our friends Lucila, Eduard and their little munchkin Ireneu to thank my lovely friend for the birthday surprise gift she sent me. I will show you in another post what it was! And to finish up this perfect day I had a letter from Paris from my beloved Cassandre, talk about the magic of birthdays, right?

Juno the cat - The cat, you and us
Elena and Eugeni - The cat, you and us

Another great news about this month was that Eugeni and the sweet Elena are back in town. They have been living 1 year in Chile and feels good to have them here now full of experiences to share, yay for more coffee dates!

Usagui Barcelona - The cat, you and us
Juno the cat - The cat, you and us
Juno's penpal - The cat, you and us

Thanks for looking back with us, when I finish every post of this series I always feel lucky to be able to capture those moments even when our camera is not around. What are your plans for October? We do have around the corner one of our unmissable yearly dates: Sitges Film Festival, this time with 7 movies in our agenda. Also, Halloween feels very near, although we still are wearing shorts and t-shirts (summer weather in Barcelona), ha!

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  1. Mary ADDS...

    I know it’s late, but happy birthday! I hope you are well :) And the cat, of course. September ended so quickly, now my fav October starts. I’m so excited for some autumnal views and long walks. :)

    30th September 2017
  2. Happy belated birthday! WOW he booked it a year in advance, what a guy! So sweet :’) The presentation of the food at El Celler de Can Roca is incredible!! Wishing you a lovely year ahead ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1st October 2017
  3. Kate ADDS...

    My gosh your birthday surprise looks absolutely fantastic. So unique! What a wonderful present :) Love all your snap shots as usual x

    1st October 2017
  4. Nieves ADDS...

    Qué fotos más maravillosas! Enhorabuena! Estáis muy elegantes y guapos. El menú no puede dejar a nadie indiferente, cada plato es una obra de arte. Me alegro un montón qué hayáis podido disfrutar de todo esto. Juno está graciosisima y preciosa. Elena y Eugeni están muy guapos.

    1st October 2017
  5. Fiona ADDS...

    OH My goodness, how amazing is that restaurant and Dani for keeping it a surprise for so long *gasp* I love how they present the food, it’s a good reminder to me to think about the little details :) :) Hope October is a great month for you guys! Oh and super cute birthday outfit too, that skirt looks like it would be super fun to wear :)

    2nd October 2017

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