London summer: Girls!

London neon lights - The cat, you and us

We are starting our summer trip to London series with neon lights!

Barcelona has some good photo locations but we don’t have many neon lights. In fact, now that I think of, we have none at all, or at least the only ones I know are inside restaurants. So, when I saw this location online, we were excited to try something new by taking night photos using only the lights coming for the neons. We were lucky too that this place was very close to our hotel in the Soho.

Can you guess what this photo spot is?

London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us
London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us
La bodega negra
La Bodega Negra · This former Adult Video/Striptease place has been converted into a very popular Mexican Restaurant. However, if you casually stumble upon it, you would never know, apart from lots of people getting in and out at dinner time. I had it on our food list for the trip, but finally decided against when I learnt my auntie is not keen on spicy food. I will make sure to check it out next time!
London Girls - The cat, you and us

If we were travelling alone we would have tried a couple more light-at-night places, like using the bright light coming from 7/11 convenient stores. Next time! We were enough tired after walking all day under the heat (London was an oven those days!).

London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us
London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us
London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us

As I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, we went to London as a gift for my mom’s 60th birthday! Although she had never visited before, she has always been in love with the city, just by what she could see on tv and have read about it. I guess having BBC dramas, i.e Downtown abbey, like her favorite (ever) shows, also make her instantly love the UK and eager to visit its main city.

I was a little worried that London wasn’t going to be up to my mom’s platonic love. Don’t get me wrong, I adore London, specially its vibes, but I wasn’t sure that precisely the grungy and industrial side of the city would appeal her, since she was more focused on the monumental (a.k.a Buckingham palace) side of it. Happily, she liked it all, from the Soho to Shoreditch but also the elegant Belgravia houses and of course the riverside and all the city monuments. The only sour taste is that they are currently restoring the Big Ben’s clock, and we were able to see only a small fraction that’s already cleaned.

London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us
London neon lights Girls - The cat, you and us

Do you like this type of “trompe l’oeil”/illusion places that hide an opposite establishment? Have you visited London before? What’s your favorite part? Crossing fingers we have a post for you in this series.

It’s London baby!
couldn’t resist making a Friends nod *wink*

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  1. Fee ADDS...

    Such a lovely series of photos and so clever to turn it into a restaurant! So glad you’re mum loved her surprise too!

    14th August 2018
  2. Mary ADDS...

    oh my! I’d love to visit a neon museum :) we have one in Warsaw!

    14th August 2018

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