Mona, eggs and a bunny

Happy Easter - The cat, you and us

Happy Easter! Hope you are having nice holidays if you have any. We had Friday and then will have also tomorrow (Monday) off work and it feels incredibly great, at this time of the year I needed a little vacation although we have mostly stayed at home. Still we have a couple of adventures that we are going to share next week, keep tuned!

The tradition says that today, on Sunday, godparents have to bring a cake called Mona to their favorite kids. The Mona is usually a cake with chocolate figures on top. The most classic ones are chocolate eggs but the fashion lately is to reproduce children favorite heroes, like Disney characters, landscapes, animals or superheroes. This year the most popular one is a Frozen inspired landscape using white chocolate and sugar to reproduce ice fractals and such. In between the chocolate, they add vinyl/rubber figures, fluffy chickens and feathers; for instance you would find Elsa & Olaf in a chocolate landscape.

Crafters (& good bakers) make Monas at home, this would be the case of our friend Anna (she is ace!), but you can find them almost everywhere from supermarkets to fancy pâtisseries, the later ones being truly masterpieces. We found a good compromise and we bought two simple eggs but at a fancy place called Escribà, he is well-known for his amazing chocolate. I am not too fond of chocolate myself (true fact!) but Dani is, so he is today a super happy clam with two eggs for himself.

Happy Easter - The cat, you and us

Do you have a similar tradition for today? Have you ever tried to make chocolate figures! If you have, leave us a link so we can see the result!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    I always love hearing about the traditions, the Mona cakes sound pretty amazing! I remember growing up once I had realised the easter bunny wasn’t real, Mum would ask us what eggs we wanted and I’d always request a sugar egg! Not sure how I managed to eat all that sugar but I used to love them as a kid :) HAPPY EASTER you guys!! love the gif by the way too!!

    6th April 2015
    • We reply...

      The Easter bunny must be the cutest tradition out there! wow, a sugar egg definitely looks as something only for kiddos, hahahahahah, I also was the same I used to eat big blocks of sugar and although I still eat too much candy I couldn’t eat them now :)

  2. Vane ADDS...

    Feliz Pascua Damaris- Dani y Juno!!!!
    Saludos desde México <3

    6th April 2015
    • We reply...

      Feliz Pascua! Espero que tuvieses unos días geniales en familia!

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Those pieces are amazing! Of course there is a Frozen one too! :) Hope you had a good Easter Weekend!

    8th April 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jane! ♥ One of my favorite things when I was a kid was to window-shop all the bakeries in our town to see the chocolate pieces, I wasn’t too fond of chocolate but I was marvelled about the crafty figures.

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