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New blog design 2018 - The cat, you and us

Hello lovelies!

We are finally able to share the new design for our online home, which I have been gushing about lately and has been in the works for the last months. Hope you like the new looks!

The design is sleeker than our last but at the same time has more dynamic stuff, like, for instance, an slider on top with some featured posts. We wanted to keep the same vibes thanks to the color scheme and also the two columns structure and categories. There are lots of things we have been working on to twist our last theme into this new one, but here are some of the most flashy:

New features

  • New logo, and with a little nod to our Japan love
  • Bigger photos, bigger posts. Photos now get to the very end of the posts. This is specially good-looking from phones, but also like that it bring more focus to our photography.
  • Sleek design. Revamp of our colors (gray, pink and turquoise), more simple comments in white and new thinner typography that goes better with this new look.
  • Dynamics. As I was telling before we have more dynamic things, from the slider on top featuring posts, to the youtube on the sidebar with the last published video, better-looking Instagram plugin on the bottom and also more animations when putting the mouse over elements. In addition, the related posts work way better because they will now show you more (related) hidden gems of the blog by surprise, not just the last posts.
  • New About pictures (one in the sidebar and the other inside the section), both are currently my favorite pictures ever and I want to print them big for our real home as well.

Our last design was from 2014 and although it certainly doesn’t look that aged, it had some limitations. We had been updating several things over the years, like the travel section or the Barcelona guide add-ons. However, since last year, I’ve been wishing to to make a major change that would reflect more how we wanted our online home to look like, which at the same time would allow us to play with design, html, css (and the feared php, we are on WordPress!)

This is our third design change, take a look at the previous two here for full size:
first design
second design
If you have been following us since design 1, please say hi in the comments to make us happy!

We would love to hear what do you think about it! We are crossing our fingers.

Last but very important, if in your phone, tablet, ipad, desktop, giant tv, or any other gadget you use to read us, have a problem with any of the parts, please let us know, it will be very useful to have everything ready at 100%.

So, without more blabbing, welcome to our new home, you are more than invited to feel it like your own!

Million thanks for being here ♥

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  1. Ahh congrats on this major redesign! I’ve never seen your first design before so it was really cool to see! I can’t imagine the work that went into all those updated details, and I’m excited to experience your future blog posts with this redesign! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    8th August 2018
    • We reply...

      Thank you dearest Audrey! It is very fun for us too to see how things have changed, also for blog design trends in general. We hope to see you here & in your online home too! ❤️

  2. Marine ADDS...

    I love it! The new design is so sleek!

    9th August 2018
    • We reply...

      Thanks Marine!!! we are very happy to read you here!

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh it’s so lovely – soooooo much work has gone into this!! Definitely my favourite design so far, although your last two were super amazing too!
    The about photos are really sweet as well!!!! Always impressed by you guys!! xoxo

    9th August 2018
    • We reply...

      Thank you Fee!! We feel like all the work was worthy! Also are flattered to have you reading us for that long, big love

  4. Mary ADDS...

    Th design is so amazing! Perfect colors and post size <3

    9th August 2018
    • We reply...

      Oh! Thank you Mary! The post size was one of our major concerns. Super happy to have you here

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