No wonder that it’s Mary that we love!

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us


♫ Mary Poppins melody – Mary Poppins Legacy Collection ♫

How is this mid-February going on? Although temperatures are definitely chillier (this morning on my way to work I could feel the crisp air) and there is more or less the same going on around us, I think there is a magic spoonful of sugar that I take every morning which makes me smile more and realize that everything happens for a good reason after all. I think sweet Mary Poppins is ruling our house, I won’t complain because that’s practically perfect!

I always enjoy seeing other people’s collections (obsessions?) on the blogs, so I thought we could share our small haul of Mary Poppins that we usually have scattered around our living room. We have not gathered everything with a purpose in mind, just that Mary Popping happens to be such a special reference that I can’t resist when something about her gets in my hands.

Grab your parrot umbrella, magic bag and fly with us!

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

The last addition to our collection are the gorgeous books illustrated by Geneviève Godbout. I have coveted her Mary print (and every other of her prints for that matter) for a long time, thus when I saw during my daily blog reads (thanks Eleanore) that Geneviève had illustrated the books covers for this paperback edition, I ran to buy them.

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

If you need to grab a copy too ;) we bought it on Amazon.

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

A long time ago we were on the hunt of vintage cameras at one of our favorite stores in Barcelona, called Chandal, when we stumbled upon this viewfinder with a box of reels next to it for you to choose from. Imagine my face when I saw that they had a Mary Poppins reel! I think you can picture it, and see me thinking, well I’m sold with this viewfinder. In case you are curious, you were able to choose two while purchasing the viewfinder, the other one was: Lake Louise Canadian Rockies (Canada landscapes are a-m-a-z-i-ng).

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

A quite easy one, a special 2-disk special dvd. I am so in love with Dick Van Dyke in this movie, did I say that out loud? ;)

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

If you take a closer look you will realize that the CD is in fact from the West End musical in London. Dani surprised me before starting the blog, for my 25 birthday, with the most amazing surprise: an impromptu trip to London with tickets for Mary Poppins. I can’t express how it all felt without getting teary-eyed. Happy memories indeed!

Mary Poppins collection - The cat, you and us

Spit-Spot! I’ll leave you till we meet again! Oh Mary, you have countless expressions to steal from you! Do you also have Mary Poppins themed items or have you got any in your wishlist (or Pinterest board) that you think we could add to our collection, we would love to see it!

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    I remember loving the film as a kid. Although it wasn’t until years and years later that I realized what a Suffragette was! Those illustrated covers are simply darling, I can understand your needing to have them. And that Pop is so cute! I kinda want one now.

    17th February 2016
  2. Marla ADDS...

    Oh my goodness this is the cutest collection I’ve ever seen! That little figurine is just amazing. And all the Mary Poppins references made me really happy. Also your photo editing is GORGEOUS!

    19th February 2016
  3. Tone ADDS...

    What a lovely collection! I’ve only seen Mary Poppins once or twice, but I still know most of the songs by heart (I totally understand your Dick Van Dyke crush!). The only thing I collect are Moomin mugs, they have just the right amount of nostalgia about then, plus they’re perfect for drinking tea! :)

    19th February 2016
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    I remember watching the film in elementary school and was so mesmerized! :) and I love Julie Andrews!

    19th February 2016
  5. Kate ADDS...

    Oh how fantastic. I am a big Mary Poppins fan and adore all of your collection!! Practically perfect in every way :)

    19th February 2016
  6. Jennifer ADDS...

    So glad to see another person who loved the books too! I mention to my husband that I use to read the Mary Poppins books, and he just gave me a weird look. XD I grew up on older series and he grew up on Goosebumps and Judy Blume.

    19th February 2016
  7. Christienne ADDS...

    What a great find!

    20th February 2016
  8. Mani ADDS...

    What an adorable collection!! This really makes me want to rewatch the movie now, haha :)

    21st February 2016
  9. Sharon ADDS...

    Too cute! <3 <3

    21st February 2016
  10. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh your collection is so perfect :) I’m fairly sure I had the Mary Poppins view (disk?!) to use on my finder as a kid! Fun Fact, the original Mary Poppins author was from Queensland, Australia in a town called Maryborough (about 3 hours from where I lived). I actually drove up there one year to attend their Mary Poppins festival, which was super fun! ( Oh and Dick Van Dyke is amazing!!

    21st February 2016
    • We reply...

      Ohmy! Thanks Fee for adding the link to your post!!! <3 it is making me even more crazy to visit Australia.

  11. Pratiksha ADDS...

    what a splendid collection <3
    i loved the pink string shelf and that viewfinder. <3 <3 <3

    22nd February 2016
  12. Bivi ADDS...

    You have the Geneviéve Godbout’s collection?!?!? I can’t say I’m not jealous :’)
    Mary Poppins is also my favourite character, although, to be fair, it’s all thanks to Julie Andrews. I’ve never read the books, though. I might need to someday.
    Did you watch Saving Mr. Banks? It’s absolutely changed the whole Mary Poppins experience for me—in a good way, though.

    Alive as Always

    19th March 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks Bivi! I loved Saving Mr.Banks! It was also a perspective change for me, although I love Mary I wasn’t aware of all the story behind the movie production, it was so fun and endearing <3

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