NYC: Cha Cha Matcha

Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us

Fancy a matcha for breakfast? I do!

Cha Cha Matcha is a little hip café place in Little Italy, New York City, with the cutest decoration in pink & green. A fun thing about the decoration is that there is a neon sign at the back with a “Matcha Gracias” that makes an Instagram-perfect background, and a similar “Thank you very matcha” can be read in the paper cups. We went during a weekday and we were the only ones sitting at the tables (as you can see on the pics), customers mostly used the take away service, but I have a feeling that weekends must be busier.

Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us

I discovered matcha latte during our honeymoon in Japan, isn’t that neat? In fact we became totally obsessed by Starbucks’ matcha latte while in Tokyo, and that helped me to discover it a little more in depth once we came home.

This year the Starbucks in Barcelona started to sell what they call “Green tea latte with matcha”, why isn’t it referred directly as matcha latte is something I don’t understand. What I know is that compared with the one from Japan it is like they are two completely different beverages, any similarity is pure coincidence, ha!. Instead, in Barcelona we usually have matcha latte either at Usagi Café – I have mentioned this beloved place several times – or at home. Dani makes a good matcha latte barista during weekends for breakfast.

Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us

The matcha latte from Cha Cha matcha comes from Uji and was very tasty. I hope I will try next time their soft ice-creams too! the strawberry & matcha combo (like their decoration!) looks so good.

The staff was very friendly with everyone, I’m not sure if they were regular customers but the waitress talked with them about her plans for mother’s day and her birthday (that coincidentally was the same day), which was very entertaining to listen as well.

Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us Cha Cha Matcha NYC - The cat, you and us

At Usagi I’ve also discovered other drinks with matcha that I love, like matcha frappé, matcha float or the simple ice matcha latte. Do you like matcha latte? Although it has become lately more popular for healthy benefits, I love it no matter how much true is behind that. Let’s dream with a Cha Cha Matcha in Barcelona!

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  1. Nerissa ADDS...

    ooh indeed the interior is so cute! you always have the cutest shots ! <3

    15th July 2017
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    So so adorable! The pink and green and the logo and all the design is just perfect :)

    15th July 2017
  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Me encanta la tetería “cha cha matcha”, es un sitio precioso, donde relajarse y pasar esos bellos momentos que guardas en tu memoria.

    16th July 2017
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    It is such a cute place!

    17th July 2017
  5. I’ve always been afraid to hit up Cha Cha Matcha because I always assumed there’d be a TON of people there! I’m glad I got to experience it through your blog post ^-^ One day I will experience it for myself! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    19th July 2017
  6. Jennifer ADDS...

    This place looks so cute! And the lattes look AMAZING! I haven’t had a matcha latte in such a long time.

    29th July 2017

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