Well that may be an over the top title for this post, but somehow this is how I would really like to feel this summer.

There are lots of things in my life to rebel, personally I have been through lots of things lately, but as this blog is about the positive things of our daily lives (and to learn to appreciate them even more) I will center my rebellion in a more frivolous thing: the summer uniform, hahaha.

I think it is official that in Barcelona this year the summer uniform is a pair of shorts (very very short shorts) and a tank. They are everywhere, the big stores (name any color) and in all different type of girls. I get why it has become the IT outfit because it is comfortable and it keeps you fresh which is quite convenient for Barcelona that can be sooo incredible hot. I know that in fact this is the classic outfit of every summer, but you can tell from the stores that this year it has become more than a classic; the uniform.

I’ve been trying for months to buy a simple denim mid-length skirt, and of course my first try was the big stores (Zara, H&M,…): nothing. Not a single skirt. Finally I had to give in and realize that my craving was more fitted for a second-hand store. This is how I bought this dress for 15€ in a vintage shop in Tallers st. This is my first long dress ever because I usually feel with them like those (big) round tables with skirt, can you picture me? (sure you do) :) Then it struck me: my impulse may had something to do with months of seeing too short shorts in the stores; I just wished the opposite, the longest I had ever worn.

I think the dress looks like, a little bit, what a Harakuju girl would wear on summer (or maybe it’s more that I like to fancy that!) so I added my platform pink moccasins and a sweet strawberry fan I bought in Daikanyama during our honeymoon in Japan.

Well, thanks to Juno, Dani and to everyone reading for indulge me with this post by myself :) We will certainly come back with more family posts!

laughing - the cat you and us blue long dress - the cat you and us blue long dress - the cat you and us panda and strawberry fan - the cat you and us jumping - the cat you and us panda pin - the cat you and us pink moccasins - the cat you and us ole - the cat you and us taxi sign - the cat you and us
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  1. Eszter ADDS...

    I love your positive attitude!

    29th July 2013
    • We reply...

      We must keep our spirits high :) (although on Mondays it can be so hard…. ;P)

  2. Deniz ADDS...

    Your outfit and athmosphere are so amazing! I miss Barcelona <333

    Hugs from Istanbul

    29th July 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks! Glad that Barcelona is somehow reflected in our pictures (the taxis in this case :P). I’ve never been in Istanbul, that is definitely something to mend.

  3. Louise ADDS...

    Aw cute shoes, and the little panda-face on your dress is cool too! Such a nice outfit, I think it’s great to rebel to that summer uniform. I still keep wearing dresses like you do on hot days.

    29th July 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! :) the shoes are also very comfy (double yei).

  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i like your dress! it’s a summery dress!

    29th July 2013
  5. Well, I like your version of the summer uniform better, what a gorgeous dress! I was in Barca a few years ago and would LOVE to go back someday! Lots of short shorts around here as well, I much prefer a comfy sundress 90% of the time! :)
    xo Hannah

    29th July 2013
    • We reply...

      You should definitely come back, the city changes constantly you sure will find some new nice things to do and see here!

  6. Leeds ADDS...

    your dress is super cuuute!! love the panda :)

    at this volume

    30th July 2013
  7. Fiona ADDS...

    so cute! I love it and a harajuku girl would definitely wear it :)

    30th July 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh!! Thanks Fiona!!! That feels so good :)

  8. Mollie ADDS...

    Sweet and summery-the perfect combination. I forgot all about paper fans, way to bring them back! ;)

    30th July 2013
  9. Liese ADDS...

    Lovely outfit, the panda detail makes it even more awesome!
    Loving your blog name (maybe I secretly just like everything cat-related ;p)

    Love, Liese

    30th July 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks! The panda pin is my favorite thing of the outfit :) I also love your blog name :P, cats everywhere please! (crazy cat lady talking)

  10. Irela ADDS...

    I think you look adorable! Your bubblegum-pink shoes are adorable!

    30th July 2013
  11. Albert ADDS...

    Lovely ;) Can’t wait to the upcoming Dani’s dark side post! (he he…)

    31st July 2013
    • We reply...

      I know, he is always better in pictures than me :P

  12. Sarah ADDS...

    Oh my goodness- I don’t think this outfit could get any cuter! The fan is awesome (also, honeymoon in Japan? Perfection) and I love the dress! Any main stream stores? Totally overrated! Love your style, keep the pictures coming!

    Sarah x

    31st July 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks for your sweet comment! :) I couldn’t agree more with Japan = Perfection hahahaha, We still miss it so much.

  13. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Love the know about the fashion in Spain/Barcelona c:
    You look sweet and I think you can totally fit in the
    Harajuku style! Xx

    3rd August 2013
  14. Ester ADDS...

    wow I love your dress, it’s so beautiful! (and your incredible brooch, how cute!)
    amazing photos too!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    5th August 2013
  15. Josie ADDS...

    So cute! That dress looks just darling on you. I used to wear short-shorts every summer but as I get older I find myself naturally wanting to try fun different lengths.

    6th August 2013
  16. SARA ADDS...

    It’s a very pretty dress indeed :)

    7th August 2013
  17. Kaylah ADDS...

    That dress is so lovely, and so are those shoes!

    16th August 2013
  18. Jenny ADDS...

    beautiful :D

    23rd August 2013

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