Sintra: the sneak peek

Back on the road at Portugal - The cat, you and us

Hello September! We are finally back from our summer adventures and more than eager to share them with all of you. Our first stop in the road was Sintra, a charming (and very popular) village next to Lisboa. This trip was a first of a couple things: the first time visiting our neighbors’ country Portugal (I know….we don’t have any possible excuse for this…) and the first time travelling abroad with a kiddo, my nephew.

Here you can see a preview via our phones snapshots – some available in our Instagram, thanks to all following & commenting!; I sometimes like to think of them as a making off, although I have to admit that there’s always a couple of them that become my favorite from all the bunch of pictures. Have you ever travelled taking only pictures with your phones? I don’t think we are still prepared for this experience.

Sintra gave us colorful buildings, huge gardens and pretty tiles everywhere. Also lot of people, but I will come later on the following posts with that. Samuel, my nephew, was quite a challenge for us that are not (at all) used to little ones schedules & travelling with kids pros (fun!) and cons (they get tired easily & not that interested in architecture & art). Also since we were travelling with my aunt (his granny) and my mom, we were in charge of settling games that were going to distract him from all the miles to be walked to get up and down from the castles & palaces.

Sintra homes & cars - The cat, you and us Sintra main square - The cat, you and us Palacio da Pena - The cat, you and us Making off Sintra pictures - The cat, you and us Castelo dos Mouros - The cat, you and us Dani & Samuel at Chalet Saudade - The cat, you and us Pasteles de nata - The cat, you and us Portuguese tiles - The cat, you and us Quinta da Regaleira - The cat, you and us Quinta da Regaleira caves - The cat, you and us The Jones at Quinta da Regaleira - The cat, you and us Monserrate - The cat, you and us Monserrate In&Out - The cat, you and us Monserrate chapel - The cat, you and us Monserrate chapel window boy - The cat, you and us Saudade gang - The cat, you and us

Have you ever been to Sintra before? Hope you liked our funny little preview! Oh! And don’t forget to tell us what you have been up to during this two last weeks, we are excited to catch up with all of your adventures!

** This post is part of our Sintra series **

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  1. Chrystin ADDS...

    Great photos! Are those the famous Sintra pastries in that photo? When I went, we were only able to get to one of the castles because we got there really late. I also don’t remember there being that many people, but we went in February, not August.
    Can’t wait to see more photos from your trip!
    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

    3rd September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! :) The pastries in the pic are called “pastéis de nata” which were delicious! We also tried the Sintra queijadas pastry but were not so impressed ;) August was fully booked ohmy I began to thought that all Spain was there, hahaha :)

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i love that first picture of you two. also like the mirror one! :)

    3rd September 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks! I like that the mirror says the name of the cute Inn we were staying at.

  3. Oh WOW. That photo of the castle is my favorite, but this definitely looks like an incredible place altogether. ♥

    3rd September 2014
    • We reply...

      ♥ thaanks! :) we are sharing more pics from the beautiful castles & palaces, hope you like them.

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    I love that you got your nephew involved in the photos – especially loved the crossed arm pics (super cute!) I’m sure he will remember this trip and his amazing cool uncle/aunt! I wonder if it inspired you guys to have kids or not! Ben and I always talk about kids but we’re a little selfish atm :P he he he. Oh and Sintra looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see more of your adventures :)

    4th September 2014
    • We reply...

      That pic was a must after all “The Jones” (as he named us) adventures, hahaha. I like to play with kids, but 4 days was certainly a big test for us & I’m not that sure if we passed it ;)

  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Yaaay welcome home c: And thanks for your MANY comment spam haha
    I appreciate them c; As the Hello Kitty watch happymeal toy, I asked the
    lady if they got it, and they got it!

    Sintra is really a lovely colorful looking town! And your
    little nephew is such a charmer haha c: For my trip to Prague, I
    mainly took pictures with my SLR camera, but I also did some snaps with
    my phone. But I don’t think I can let go of my camera (would saved a lot
    of space/weight) fully because I just want to take good picture as
    possible! Maybe I’ll buy these special lenses for phones…


    4th September 2014
    • We reply...

      Glad to be back!! & sorry for all the spam, hahaha it was fun to catch up, we are still looking through our daily reads, fun & thorough work ;) Hope you like our next posts with the dslr pics!

  6. Sara ADDS...

    Sintra is a magical place :D

    5th September 2014
  7. Louise ADDS...

    This looks magical, and I love that you travelled with your nephew. Also, that hallway picture is absolutely stunning and seems like the perfect desktop wallpaper.

    8th September 2014
    • We reply...

      The hallway is Monserrate which I think was my favorite visit :)

  8. MissLilly ADDS...

    Ohh I love your photos, beautiful and amazing moments as well! I love Sintra, it’s one of my favourite places in the world! There’s seriously something magical about it, you can feel all the stress leaving your sholders and get easily transported someplace else. Love your blog :D

    23rd April 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks for stopping by Lilian! :) :) Your words about Sintra ring so right and are very loving!

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