Snail Mail: We want to wish you Happy Holidays!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

And reading the title of today’s post you would answer: isn’t it too early for that? Well, it is not! Let me explain a little bit though. With my snail mail activity slowly increasing (thanks to a bunch of awesome sweet ladies!) we thought it would be too much fun to give a shout-out to everyone reading this little silly blog as a thank you note for being simply the best:

We would love to send our love for the holiday season to all of you with a postcard this year! (yays?) Would you like to receive Juno’s and her humble assistants Christmas love? Hope you do!

The only thing you have to do is write us a comment in this post giving us a YES and we will send you an email to ask about the address. Please don’t post your address in public :) I think this is more exciting for me than for all of you, but heck! I would love to send looots of cute Christmas postcards this year, so don’t be shy!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

In the pics you can see my snail mail table spread ;) But the Christmas cards must be a secret, shhh!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

Still this doesn’t answer why I’m writing this post kind of soon-ish? Well, we would love to send them pretty soon to every place in this planet so everyone gets it before Christmas, and we (unfortunately) know for certain that it can take up to a month for a letter from Barcelona to arrive to Australia, even more when the Christmas season is at full. For once, we would love to be prepared and be on perfect timing, ha!

A part from the Christmas postcards, we also have a couple of little news on the blog. The most important one would be that we have finally added notifications to the comments’ replies. We always try to answer the comments (most of them, I would say around 90%) and I think, we are not making it very easy for you to see them. You will now get (if you wish, of course!) our answers into your mail.

The second new on the blog is that we have added more favorite adventures to the side bar of the blog, now you can directly jump to Amsterdam and Wales. In addition you can now go to our photography site The cat in love directly from the blog with the banner on the side. I know… this should have been there from the beginning, but… well… never too late! Finally you can also now subscribe to our blog via email, so if you were on the fence of following us through bloglovin or social media, here you go!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

Enough rambling, thank you for sticking by. I’m too excited to send you a Christmas postcard through Juno the reindeer, so remember to leave us a comment in this post!

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    Just please! I love sending Xmas cards.

    14th November 2015
  2. Kimberly ADDS...

    I would love to receive a Christmas card from you!! ❤️

    14th November 2015
  3. Veronica ADDS...

    How very nice! Thank you in advance!

    14th November 2015
  4. Claudia ADDS...

    Absolutely! My 3 kitties will be happy to hear from Juno, too

    14th November 2015
  5. Elena ADDS...

    Of course!!!!!!!! :). Estic enamorada d’aquests stickers!!! Too cute for words :3

    15th November 2015
    • We reply...

      Guapa! Són una monada! D’una marca koreana molt cuqui. Per suposat que t’enviarem la postalica!!

  6. Jennifer ADDS...

    I would love to get a christmas card. My husband loves seeing the photos of your cat!

    15th November 2015
  7. Maryse ADDS...

    I would be so excited (and full of love) to receive a Christmas post card from you!! Thanks!

    16th November 2015
  8. Laura ADDS...

    I would also love to receive a Christmas card here in Canada! :)

    16th November 2015
  9. Marine ADDS...

    Yes please!! I love mail :D I’ll send you some back!

    16th November 2015
  10. Yes! <3

    16th November 2015
  11. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh my goodness, I definitely put my hand up for a postcard and I think maybe you know my address – still at the same place!!! All your blog additions are perfect, I think this new trend of replies to comments is awesome. Blogger doesn’t do a very good job of it but I know other blog platforms tackling it way better and I give them and you guys a big two thumbs up, I like that you have the three options too :)

    16th November 2015
    • We reply...

      Of course dearest Fee, we already had your address on our Christmas contact list! :) Hope we are able to make it on time. Yours will definitely be on the first batch, I don’t trust our post service at all, ha! Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog small improvements, hope this reply system is helpful to be more in touch. Biig hug!

  12. Jane Y. ADDS...

    yes yes yes! we would love to receive a postcard :)

    16th November 2015
  13. Louise ADDS...

    Aw yeah!! I’d definitely like to receive a postcard! Last year was my first time exchanging Christmas cards with blogger friends and it was so lovely!!

    16th November 2015
  14. Anna ADDS...

    Oohh!!!!! Que guai! Naltros en volem una! :)

    19th November 2015
    • We reply...

      Oi tant guapíssima! A Cambrils anirà una cap allà :)

  15. Fiona ADDS...

    Useful already! I definitely don’t trust my postal service either but I have a feeling they do a bit better with letters than parcels well *fingers crossed* anyway :)

    19th November 2015
  16. Vane Ruh ADDS...

    Por supuesto!!! si aún es posible, me encantaría recibir una. Damaris y todo el crew, en enero estaremos unos días en Barcelona, nos encantaría conocerlos.
    Saludos desde México

    23rd November 2015
    • We reply...

      Perfecto, por supuesto te apunto a nuestra Christmas list :) Te mando ahora un mail privado para la dirección. Encantados de conoceros a los Ruh cuando estéis en Barcelona! Un beso!

  17. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Ja, arigato gozaimashita c: not sure if you still have mine :P
    May I also have yours too? Xx Ice Pandora

    24th November 2015
  18. Deniz ADDS...

    Your letter is on the way!! and can’t wait too see mine too.

    27th November 2015
    • We reply...

      So exciting, thanks sweet Deniz! Yours will be flying soon as well :)

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