Snail Mail: We want to wish you Happy Holidays!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

And reading the title of today’s post you would answer: isn’t it too early for that? Well, it is not! Let me explain a little bit though. With my snail mail activity slowly increasing (thanks to a bunch of awesome sweet ladies!) we thought it would be too much fun to give a shout-out to everyone reading this little silly blog as a thank you note for being simply the best:

We would love to send our love for the holiday season to all of you with a postcard this year! (yays?) Would you like to receive Juno’s and her humble assistants Christmas love? Hope you do!

The only thing you have to do is write us a comment in this post giving us a YES and we will send you an email to ask about the address. Please don’t post your address in public :) I think this is more exciting for me than for all of you, but heck! I would love to send looots of cute Christmas postcards this year, so don’t be shy!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

In the pics you can see my snail mail table spread ;) But the Christmas cards must be a secret, shhh!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

Still this doesn’t answer why I’m writing this post kind of soon-ish? Well, we would love to send them pretty soon to every place in this planet so everyone gets it before Christmas, and we (unfortunately) know for certain that it can take up to a month for a letter from Barcelona to arrive to Australia, even more when the Christmas season is at full. For once, we would love to be prepared and be on perfect timing, ha!

A part from the Christmas postcards, we also have a couple of little news on the blog. The most important one would be that we have finally added notifications to the comments’ replies. We always try to answer the comments (most of them, I would say around 90%) and I think, we are not making it very easy for you to see them. You will now get (if you wish, of course!) our answers into your mail.

The second new on the blog is that we have added more favorite adventures to the side bar of the blog, now you can directly jump to Amsterdam and Wales. In addition you can now go to our photography site The cat in love directly from the blog with the banner on the side. I know… this should have been there from the beginning, but… well… never too late! Finally you can also now subscribe to our blog via email, so if you were on the fence of following us through bloglovin or social media, here you go!

Snail mail - The cat, you and us

Enough rambling, thank you for sticking by. I’m too excited to send you a Christmas postcard through Juno the reindeer, so remember to leave us a comment in this post!

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