June 21, 2013

Today is the beginning of the new summer season, and this looks like a promising one!

We specially love summer as we spend more time outside, is always a good excuse to be with friends & family, visit those who live not so near from us anymore, and eat tons of ice-cream :)

This summer will surely be a special one for us, is the first one with this blog (at last) running (yei!), it will be the first one after our wedding and (spoiler alert) we will go to the US west coast on holidays with our friends!! (double yei!): expect lots of pictures!

For this post we have collected some pictures (mostly analogue) from our last summers to start getting the good feelings! :)

What do you expect of this new season?

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Sitges coast

CosmoCaixa rainforest

CosmoCaixa leg

Can you spot the mosquito bite in my leg? That certainly is a thing I don’t like of the good weather :P

Ciutadella boats

Anna & Manel

Dam swimming pool

Esther & Sergi

Dani Kiosko burger

Taking the delicious Kiosko burger as take away

Dam port

Dani Sitges

Dani Maremagnum

Dam sunbathing

Albert Sitges

Maremagnum sunset

Maremagnum sunset

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Leeds - June 22, 2013 07:08

aw! i hope you have a great time out here on the west coast! make sure you buy lots of sunscreen when you’re out here. protect your skin!

Thanks! I will make sure to pack sunscreen with a high factor! :)



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