Tea or Coffee… whatever!

tea or coffee - The cat, you and us

Hello sweeties! Which plans do you have for this Easter holiday? We are planning on having a quiet one, hope the weather keeps improving and we are able to enjoy some time walking around Barcelona but mostly relax time at home with a mug of coffe or tea in our hand.

This Monday Dani came back home with a purchase I was not expecting, a aeropress coffee maker. Do you know what the fuss about infused coffee is all about? As I learnt from him, apparently it is a big deal specially in Japan, but also online – by a quick search there is a huge amount of videos explaining about it. With the aeropress the coffee is quickly made by adding boiling water and applying a vacuum with a filter full of coffee. Dani swears by it, he loves the taste and as a big plus the maker is only around 30$.

While Dani adores coffee, I never drink it although I like the smell when he is making a cup. Instead I always choose tea, I love lots of different types but lately I tend to favor chai latte. I don’t have a special recipe but I like to make sure that the hot milk is whisked for a creamy texture and I always use brown sugar. I still have to try vanilla extract in it, what is your trick with the chai latte?

Disgust mug - The cat, you and us Tea set - The cat, you and us

The English tea tin is in fact now only a storage bin I use for any type of tea, I bought a mini set of tins in London like gazillion years ago. The Disgust (Inside Out Pixar movie) mug is my favorite in our collection, would you like to see the rest? I may be publishing a post with them.

Luke's mug - The cat, you and us coffee set - The cat, you and us

Here the aeropress coffee maker, the coffee is made directly on the mug. Dani is stealing my Luke’s mug, ha! How many times have I mentioned how I adore The Gilmore girls? Well, one more won’t hurt! I love Gilmore girls and anything related is a precious treasure for me. On the back you can see one of Dani’s favorite coffee roasters, Nomad. He works nearby and thus is able to buy coffee roasted that same day.

Disgust mug - The cat, you and us Luke's mug - The cat, you and us What-ever!

My failed attempt to do a “disgust”-worthy face :) What-ever! This line on the back of the mug always makes me smile.


Which one is your favorite, coffee or tea? Do you have any tip for making them? I’m all ears!

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