The cat & us

Hello! Our warmest welcome to our online home! Let’s introduce our family of three:

– Juno is (obviously) the most important part of this family, hehe, just kidding (well kinda). She is a very sweet cat and if you come home you will usually find her giving you a wink with the right eye.

– Hello! My name is Damaris (second picture!). This blog is very exciting news for me as I am an avid reader of blogs myself. For a very long time we have been willing to share more pictures, photography tips and all the beautiful things that catch our eye, the project was always in our head, until now when we finally have felt more confident about us and this humble home has born as the result.

– Hi! My name is Dani (handsome guy from the third picture!). “The cat, you and us” goal is to have a window on the Internet in which to show our photos, experiences and tips with you. Hope you enjoy this blog as much as us working on it!

We are living in Barcelona (a wonderful place!) and we would indeed love to talk about shopping & eating recommendations here, so do not doubt to give us suggestions, we will certainly try them!.

If you want learn more about us take a look at the about section and ask us anything!
the cat - Juno her - Damaris he - Dani
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  1. So I may have done a bit of stalking and I ended up here…right at the beginning. Gosh, I just love the two of you. One day Stephen and I will come visit you both and we can have a wild day adventure taking photos and eating good food :)

    P.s. I also stalked your wedding photos and fell in love. My oh my they are beautiful!

    14th July 2015
    • We reply...

      Awwww thank you lovely! :) We would be super excited to go on photo & foodie adventures together with you and Stephen, that’s a done deal!

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