US Roadtrip: Peggy Sue

After one week of anniversary madness in the blog, here we are again with a new episode of our American road trip. The next stop is Mariposa, but we would like to show you first the amazing place where we had lunch on our revisit to California.

Peggy Sue is a 50s dinner in Yermo, California, that it is without any slight doubt very popular according to the number of cars in their parking lot ;)

Although the restaurant is original from the 1954, the current owner in the 80s repaired it and decorated the place with their movie memorabilia collection, which is, nowadays, one of the main attractions. From an Elvis and Marylin real size statue, to Wizard of Oz ceramic masks and vintage dolls, everything is completely packed.

I have to admit that what even impressed me more was the Dinersaur park (pun credit to Peggy Sue :P) on the back of the restaurant, with (awesome, of course) dinosaur sculptures. Any kids’ dream, and ours, we are such dino freaks!

Put your roller skates on, and let’s have a burger!

P.S: We would like to thank everyone for the sweet comments on all the anniversary posts! Guys you are the nicest! :) We have been out (there is a little spoiler in Instagram) to celebrate the anniversary this weekend, so we are now back on track! We will post soon a little (this time we promise it will be so :P) recap of our anniversary getaway.

** This post is part of our US road trip series **

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Peggy Sue tall sign is visible from the road. Here you can see two giant dino behind me, but I’m brave, not scared at all, maybe over excited, but not feeling any threat ;)

Peggy Sue Dinersaur Park - The cat, you and us

This scenario is on the Dinersaur park to host shows, and my rock’n’roll dancing moves.

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

We took the advice and sat at a clean table :) How sweet is the hat?

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Peggy Sue has 3 booths with different decoration for each one. This is the one with all the movie memorabilia (the one we chose!)

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Barbara was our waitress, showing here how magical is the free refill (for us Europeans :P)

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue menu - The cat, you and us

They had a movie test in each table with questions about 50s movies and stars.

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Look on the back the sunroom’s hanging plants :)

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

The diner has several jukeboxes but unfortunately none of them is working right now.

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Dani had the Southern fried chicken that uses crispy buttermilk batter (!) with Peggy Sue’s classic curly fries. The sizes of the plates are big, so it may be a good idea to share, and also do not forget to order both their classic cokes (vanilla or chocolate flavors) and the old-fashioned ice cream sodas, this last one is a must!

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Beautiful ladies.

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

Barbara checking all the tickets, it surprised us that the check was handwritten.

Peggy Sue - The cat, you and us

I like to pretend that this is a reserved table for our next visit :)

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    How great is this diner!! I especially love the photos of the waitresses, so sweet :) I kind of wish all restaurants would put as much thought into decorations or have a theme! Theme restaurants are my favourite. Actually themed restaurants with dinosaurs are even better :)

    25th October 2013
  2. Deniz ADDS...

    Hello! First I should say that I become a fan of your blog, cause it seems that we have very similar tastes :)
    Secondly, this place looks like a heaven! Very photogenic feeling which has like a movie scene. Also these captures make me want to watch Grease movie asap <3
    Thirdly, your anniversary madness was so useful for usecause we are now at the step of brainstorming about our future wedding, I even took some notes of your ideas :)) –the polaroid notebook idea especially!
    And lastly, I can't wait to see the photos of your 1st anniversary trip to Paris guys.


    25th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Deniz for your sweet comment!! ♥ I also feel that we share very similar tastes from what I see in your blog! :) And oh yes, the pink dose of Peggy Sue had me excited for the day.

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    what a great place! now i can’t get the song peggy sue out of my head :) i love ice cream sodas. such a big part of my childhood. heehee.

    25th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Ohh! Wish there were also ice cream sodas in my childhood! :) Why are not fashionable anymore?

  4. jude ADDS...

    En aquest hi vam estar!

    25th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Que hi vau menjar? :) Vau estar en el menjador aquest esbojarrat de coses de cine?

  5. Barbara ADDS...

    This place is just amazing. Will make sure to visit one day

    25th October 2013
  6. Marlen ADDS...

    this place looks SO awessome- and you snapped such fun pictures of it! i love the waitress uniforms- this all looks like a scene from a book that’s located in small town USA :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    26th October 2013
    • We reply...

      We went a little crazy taking pictures of every detail :) Thanks Marlen!

  7. amber ADDS...

    Beautiful photos! This looks so fun… I love the colors and the whole 50’s vibe. I’ve never been to a 50’s themed diner! How cool. Buttermilk batter fried chicken sounds delicious!

    Thanks for sharing this :)

    28th October 2013
  8. emi ADDS...

    too dang cute! you captured this place so well…adding it to the list! xo

    28th October 2013
  9. This is my family’s nickname for me. I adore retro diners but especially ones that try to do more than just vintage inspired mcdonalds and do things like their own colas that you mentioned! I’d love to visit here xox

    29th October 2013
    • We reply...

      What a great nickname! :) I agree with loving those places with true personality.

  10. hena tayeb ADDS...

    Look like such a cool place

    29th October 2013
  11. jude ADDS...

    Veig que no es pot respondre al comentari, o no ho sé fer…
    Vam estar al menjador que es veu darrera l’Elvis, pero vam fer-nos fotos a tot arreu :-)

    5th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Respondre no es pot encara :S és algo que tenim en ment incorporar, a veure si ens hi posem!. Jo em vaig quedar amb ganes de seure al típic sofà de diner que només eren de 2 ;) és una bona parada el Peggy sue ni que sigui només per les fotos.

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