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Before starting with today’s fashion-ish post, a quick note to thank Jane for having us in their 5th wedding anniversary celebration, we love the Yoos! If you still haven’t, check the last wrap up post of the series featuring also my story of “what are some life lessons you learned from your partner?”

And now let’s move to a little more shallow topic: vacation time is at last around the corner, ha! Tomorrow is my last day of work, so very late this year, and I am already in suitcase planning mood because in a few days we will be leaving to Sintra and then to Wales – tuut tuut, one for each destination!

Although the planning of the trip is not yet closed – thanks for the recommendations! – I have moved over to the suitcase phase. However I’m still on the daydreaming which is the nicest of stages – relishing before I have to face my real wardrobe. I created two boards, one fore each of the travels: Sintra and Wales. I wish I could at least include one of the items in my real suitcase, but I think it may be too late to buy anything now. Mental note to myself, I should start working more towards this word: anticipation.

Sintra wishlisted suitcase - The cat, you and us

1. CiChic embroidery dress // 2. Sketch inc. geometrical cat brooch // 3. “I need a holiday” clutch by Betty Brice // 4. Pepper Ink flower temporary tatoos // 5. Bunny ears hairclip by Wunway // 6. Blue and green leather sandals by Adikiliav // 7. Petit Dejeuner dress by Fleet Collection // 8. Floral watch by Free forme // 9. Red Oxford shoes by Quiero June // 10. Enamel pinwheel brooch by City of Industry // 11. Champs-Elysees You Do Too Dress in Cornflower at Modcloth

The first dreamy suitcase is for Sintra, an enchanting Portuguese town which is known for its whimsical castles and wonderland gardens. I always like to look girly and luckily in this case the castles more than deserve the romantic feeling, but I am also trying to pack a suitcase where all the pieces are working well together so you can create more outfits just by switching the shoes & accessories.

Wales wishlisted suitcase - The cat, you and us

1. Blue & white thin stripes dress at Sheinside // 2. River Island bowler hat // 3. Kitsune kun cute socks and shoes // 4. Just follow me necklace at Modcloth // 5. The Clothes Horse with a pitch perfect nautical outfit // 6. The Palma ONA camera satchel // 7.Cafe cutie skirt at Modcloth // 8. Woodland creatures, these are DIY!, by Oh happy day // 9.Handmade peter pan collar by Guide of Dreamers // 10. DIY backpack with a Cath Kidston fabric // 11. My name is yeh cute overalls style

The second dreamt suitcase is for Wales, where we are going to visit the countryside rural areas, the beautiful pembrokeshire coast and some of the coastal towns. That’s why for this one I have divided the board into two moods, one which I would like to wear on a road trip – with a touch of red because it really pops with the green fields – and the second part with more nautical elements and feeling. I know it may be subtle the reference, but I have included one which is inspired in Life aquatic, and that alone makes me smile the most.

Do you have any suitcase organization tips? Do you have any tips of making work a cute but practical at the same time travelling outfits?

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    Lovely “packing”. Your outfits are charming and very wearable. Have the best time on your vacation!

    14th August 2014
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    I love this because I love your style so much :) You know what is my absolute favourite – those red oxfords, they are like clown shoes (please take that as an awesome compliment) very cute and circus-ey! I love how you have paired all the colours and styles together too :) Oh and I’m super jealous of your trip but so so excited to see your photos!!

    14th August 2014
  3. Chrystin ADDS...

    I like your “Romantic & Whimsical” board for Sintra! You are going to LOVE IT there. Sintra is probably one of my favorite/most memorable destinations I’ve been too—it really is enchanting! Actually, Portugal as a whole is just amazing! I would love to go back and explore even more.

    As for suitcase organization, I usually just lay everything flat in my suitcase and end up fitting A LOT of stuff inside. More than I ever need, but I prefer to have options ;-)

    kisses from Buenos Aires xx

    14th August 2014
  4. Stephanie ADDS...

    Oh I absolutely adore your taste! I love the dress #1 from your Sintra case, super cute – it definitely a must get! I hope you have the most amazing time in these places. The only suitcase tip I have is to roll your clothing if you want to fit as much as you can in. This helps especially when you buy more lovely things on your trip! – Stephanie

    17th August 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Stephanie for your sweet words. Great tip!! My suitcase this time was on the lighter side, but I definitely will use them in our next trip! :)

  5. Denysia Yu ADDS...

    I love the clothes you picked for vacation! I would suggest that you roll up bigger items like dresses, shirts, and bottoms. I find that it helps when I’m traveling, so I can put a lot more into my suitcase! :)

    17th August 2014
    • We reply...

      Great recommendation! Specially useful to buy some souvenirs and be able to zip the suitcase ;)

  6. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Very lovely dreamy suitcases for both places c:
    (You forgot raincoat for Wales!) I can’t wait for
    the pictures of both places ^___^ Xx

    18th August 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahahhaha, so right! I forgot the raincoat in the board (thankfully not in my real suitcase) and it was the most essential piece! it rained every single day of our trip ;)

  7. Sara ADDS...

    i want everything :D

    21st August 2014
    • We reply...

      I know… I would love to add every single item in my wardrobe, vacation or not involved, hahaha.

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