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Donuts - The cat, you and us

Where’s Waldo?

Today we can share our next travel destination (tuuut!). We thought that instead of revealing it straightforward it would be fun to use an image guessing game mixed with an outfit post, however, I think we are not making it any hard, aren’t we?

Dani bought this rad striped Waldo t-shirt in Japan, but since I was able to make a good point, he allowed me to wear it first. I can make a good debate candidate when I have a motivation, ha! just kidding… kinda, because I totally still want to steal the t-shirt for my wardrobe, please don’t tell him, psst!

Barcelona taxis - The cat, you and us Donuts - The cat, you and us Where's Waldo - The cat, you and us

Handsdown one of the things we are going to eat during our trip are a couple of donuts, in fact we are pretty excited about all the yummy addresses we have wish-listed on our travel city map.

However, we can’t complain because there are two places in Barcelona with good donuts too, for instance the ones in the picture are from La Donuteria in Sant Antoni neighborhood. I got the raspberry and beet (red one in the pics) while Dani was tempted for the apple and bacon but finally chose the more traditional mango and passion fruit (yellow one). Are you the one in your family that tries new things or prefer to stick to your favorites? I think I gravitate depending on how I am feeling, sometimes I can be the most daring when talking about food, but others I just want to eat something that will be comforting.

Donuts taxi - The cat, you and us Donuts - The cat, you and us Donuts taxi - The cat, you and us Donuts - The cat, you and us

Another clue is that their taxis are similar to the ones we have in Barcelona. We still don’t know if we are taking any of their taxis, because we don’t have a clear plan yet, but they are an undoubtedly iconic element.

The last weeks have been quite draining, to be completely frank, so in consequence this time it’s going to be the least planned trip of ours, but a much needed disconnection from the routine. Visiting only a single city makes me have this feeling that a plan it’s not that important anymore, I have pins on our travel map but on-the-go we are going to see when and what from the list we are finally discovering.

Eating donuts - The cat, you and us Taxi sign - The cat, you and us Eating donuts - The cat, you and us Donuts - The cat, you and us

When do you start vacations? Do you have any plans in your near future? I would love to know about your endeavours! Oh! and of course, please let us know where do you think we are heading to and if you have any recommendations. I trust your opinions super highly!

Can’t end without mentioning that if you follow us on Instagram, make sure to check for our stories if you fancy to see our silliness in action. I don’t know what happens, but for us, IG travel stories equals goofy videos. Stay tuned!

Kamakura film on Youtube - The cat, you and us

In case you have misssed it! We have posted our fourth Japan film on Youtube, this time it’s about our 1-day getaway to Kamakura, where we walked the most beautiful trail to find the Great Buddha.

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  1. Cute shirt! My best friend and I dressed up as Waldo for Halloween one year :) The doughnuts look so delicious! I start vacation this weekend and I can’t wait :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    9th May 2017
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Han quedado las fotos muy chulas, fue una tarde muy divertida, con los comentarios que hacían los taxistas, ja ja ja. Ahora deseando ver el vídeo!

    9th May 2017
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    NEW YORK! I maybe shouldn’t bold that in case, I’m wrong :P :P lol. I actually have a big desire to go there myself, all those American movies making it look so amazing! Yellow TAXIS! he he he :) Your outfit is so cute and I too, would want to steal that shirt if Ben owned it!

    10th May 2017
  4. Jane ADDS...

    I thought NY too when you said doughnuts!

    12th May 2017

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