South Wales: Gardens of rain


One of the attractions we knew we couldn’t miss in South Wales was visiting some of its gardens. Being from a drier country the amount of flowers and plants in the UK gardens always impresses me, and this was again the case. And talking about dryness, the weather made sure to let us know why the green is so green by raining cats and dogs.

We chose both gardens, Aberglasney & Colby Woodland due to its proximity to other landmarks so we are not sure if they are the most beautiful of the area, although they are certainly not lacking any. Also we assured when choosing them that they had very different things to offer, while the first one was full of flowers (and bees, the nightmare of Dani!) the second one was a very breathy woodland more than a garden. Hope you like them, it was a gorgeous experience for us!

Aberglasney Garden

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

On our visits we were almost by ourselves, only finding occasionally endearing elder couples.

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

Flowers everywhere! My favorites are always those that are more wild looking.

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

Heights battle ;) Something tells me that Dani is not playing fair in this one.

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

A hurrah for Dani who took the picture although one of his biggest fears are bees. I told him that with so many beautiful flowers which bee will be fool enough to deal with him instead, and it worked! Only slightly related, have you seen the Pushing Daisies chapter with the bees? Simply amazing!

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

Anna & myself jumping and dancing like this field was like the one in the “Sound of Music”

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

Thank you for bearing with my silly face here ;)

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

This tree was amazing, with its branches crashing on the floor.

Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us Aberglasney garden - The cat, you and us

Group picture. Although my plan before flying to South Wales was to take at least one single picture of the four of us together, we failed miserably.

Colby Woodland Garden

IMG_3184 IMG_3203

Do you remember how I told you that we switched raincoats with Dani almost everyday, hence the case: I’m wearing his blue one here. Also, does the outfit sounds familiar? This day we visited Colby Woodland garden on the morning with quite a strong rain while the sun was already shining on the afternoon for our Stackpole stroll.

IMG_3218 IMG_3221 IMG_3224

Do you know what this type os teepee is for? Dani is always happy to find things that with the rain seemed out of a horror movie :)

IMG_3225 IMG_3234 IMG_3238 IMG_3261 IMG_3246 IMG_3266 IMG_3275

Although we tried to keep the map of the gardens dry, this is how it looked at the end of our walk. At this point Anna said:”quick all try to memorize the exit, because this is the last time we will be able to unfold it” which adds to the adventure, right? ..Oh! and someone on the back was very decided to make his appearance in the picture.


Do you also always try to squeeze a botanical garden visit in your travels? Have you ever been to one of the above? Was it also raining? (90% possibilites that this is a yes, I know…) and do you also fear bees as Dani does? Which is your biggest fear? Mine are snakes!

Stay tuned for the next post where we will share a compilation of all the castles we visited at South Wales!

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I love gardens! Again really lovely pictures you have
    taken c: but that’s no surprise! The roots that forms
    a portal/tunnel looks beautiful!

    14th October 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Mei!!!! <3 The tree tunnel is on the entrance of the garden and I was like a little kid crying: I want to cross it! I want to cross it ;)

  2. Sara ADDS...

    what a beautiful place :D

    15th October 2014
    • We reply...

      The gardens were a hit of our trip, no doubts! :)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Wild flowers are the prettiest! I fear anything that can sting or bite me and I always seem to be the kid/person that gets bitten! People think I’m silly for being so paranoid but I think the animal World can sense I’m a wiener and am an easy target :P All your outfits are so cute Damaris! Oh and that tree with the branches reaching the floor is amazing! Whenever I travel somewhere and it rains, I try and not be disappointed but remind myself it looks so pretty BECAUSE it rains :) It’s a nice way to think!

    15th October 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh!! I totally understand the feeling about being the bugs’ target (hahaha you made me laugh how you explain it). It’s quite funny that on the beginning of our relationship Dani was the one attracting all mosquitoes and bugs, but lately things have given a twist and now I’m their only victim; why? why? I’d love an explanation from their side ;P

  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    oh this post made me smile. i think i may be the same way with spiders as dani is with bees! and if i saw that hill i would pretend that it was from the one in the sound of music too! :) xx

    15th October 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, now I see you dancing with us in the Sound of the Music hill ;) xx

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