Which Jane Austen (Super) Heroine Are You?

King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us

It is a truth universally acknowledged that my forever literary love will be Jane Austen <3

My brother-in-law in a video call told us that we look as super heroes with our Japanese masks (isn’t it a rad remark?), and with this cute outfit (favorite dress in my closet, yes!) I see myself like I could be a Jane Austen masked heroine, right?

During my teens, one random day I was reading a tiny book with Shakespeare love sonnets, and when my dad’s wife (my parents got divorced when I was 2) asked me for my choice, I told her that I’ve just had watched the movie Shakespeare in love and I was curious to read his works. She then quickly answered me something I still remember, she said “you should never read a book because of a movie”, I only smiled back at that time, but now I would definitely have more arguments to contradict her silly statement.

I can proudly say that some of my most favorite novels, came into my life for the need to discover the works of an author triggered after a movie, a tv show (Rory – Gilmore Girls – reading list is famous) or even a photo on IG, who cares where! the important thing is that you will end up discovering the greatness of that writer and how amazing it is to be transferred into their own world and passions.

Outfit Details

Dress (favorite pattern ever!) c/o King Louie

Straw Hat Oysho (similar)

Mask Pitta (from Japan)

King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us
King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us
King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us
King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us

I definitely discovered my biggest love of all, Jane Austen during my early teens and because of the movie Emma. It was my first novel of Jane Austen and also I was specially proud to be able to read it in English (my mother tongue is Spanish & Catalan). It was so much fun to read Emma Woodhouse’ witty remarks and how it described the English Georgian era through the eyes of a woman.

Then, I started my obsession and started reading the rest of Jane Austen bibliography, the most-known Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice, but also Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Lady Susan. I have in fact read everything there is published of Jane Austen, the unfinished too and some of the real letters she shared with her sister. When I was done with all Jane Austen works I moved to other female English authors, on my top you’ll find the Brontë sisters, Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Gaskell, Virginia Wolf and Nancy Mitford.

Who could have guessed that I was going to have thousands of fun reading hours thanks to the movie Emma, right? Not my dad’s wife, surely, ha! *wink*

King Louie dress & superhero mask - The cat, you and us King Louie dress - The cat, you and us
King Louie dress - The cat, you and us
King Louie dress - The cat, you and us

These are my first pics ever in the blog wearing a mask.

The introduction of protection masks in Europe for the covid is a fact but still some people have a hard time here wearing them. I think that one big reason is not irresponsibility or selfishness, but it’s rather that they remind them of the healthy crisis, they associate them with people in hospitals and bad things. I guess having a big influence by Japanese fashion and lifestyle, I am more used to them and don’t see them negatively. We can make it a less bigger deal than it is, really, let’s all do our little contribution. Because, we have to face it, this “sacrifice” is so little compared on our sanitaries saving lives, and what people in stores & logistics is doing to keep the world going on.

Moreover, I think we can look cute with a dress (or anything!) and a mask while channeling our masked superhero fantasies, right?

King Louie dress - The cat, you and us

I am curious now, have you read any novel by Jane Austen? Which one is your favorite? I think that obviously Pride and Prejudice is a must, but I LOVE Lady Susan more acid/ironic approach, as a teen felt well-represented by Fanny Price from Mansfield Park, although I think now that Persuasion may be one of the best ones really.

Should I re-read them to know which heroine best represents me now? I think I should, ha!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me gustan las fotos! Y el vestido es monísimo! Para mí son héroes los sanitarios, que son los que han luchado día y noche frente a este virus tan tremendo, pero también todos los que hemos adoptado todas las medidas de protección y aislamiento , por nosotros y por todos.

    26th May 2020
    • We reply...

      Gracias! <3 A ver si entre todos ponemos de nuestra parte! Un abrazo grande

  2. Fee ADDS...

    DAMARIS! I cannot believe you read Jane Austin novels, in English, as a teenager, A+ student (do you credit them for your English being so amazing?). I was obsessed with Pride and Prejudice as a teenager. I remember trying to come up with my own period dresses (I wasn’t a great sewer but I tried!). I have shamefully only read Pride and Prejudice but after watching the latest Emma movie, I feel so so silly for not reading more of her work. Emma is such a great character! You definitely made mask wearing ultra sweet!!

    27th May 2020
    • We reply...

      Thank you Fee!!! I definitely think that Jane Austen played a key role in improving my English heaps, I still have lots (lots!) of room for improvement, but I really thank her novels because they pushed me to get better so I could understand more and more without a dictionary by my side :) How cute your Pride & Prejudice period dresses obsession, I would had so much fun hanging with you during our teens (as we would be having now too as well, one day!). Oh! the new Emma movie, need to watch it ASAP! Biiig hug!

  3. Fee ADDS...

    The new Emma movie is exquisite, you will adore it :) We would have had so much fun hanging out, one day we shall definitely meet! xoxo

    29th May 2020

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