1st anniversary week: the proposal

This Sunday is going to be our first anniversary (and the 12th since we are dating, wow, long time!), and to celebrate it we have prepared a few posts (way more than our usual) during this week explaining how we ended having our honeymoon in Japan :)

We started this blog from the end, and now we are flash forwarding; just like in the movies; please join us in this little temporary game!

Three years ago, which in blogging time is like saying “this is an old fashioned story”, Dani surprised me for our dating anniversary with a quick getaway (2 days, 1 night) to an unknown destination. He even recorded a video for the surprise, which we are not able to share because, well, he sings in it and that will be too much for anyone :)

It was not until we were in the check-in area of the airport that I discovered that our destination was going to be: Venice! The real one, not the one in Las Vegas.

Our hotel was the Bucintoro situated in Castello a less touristy neighborhood, but with the greatest views to the Laguna and 8 minute walk from St. Mark sq. The hotel was decorated like a boat; with mermaids as knobs of the doors (I loved this detail!).

That night Dani had a reservation to have dinner in a restaurant next to Santa Maria della Salute church. It was quite strange, as we usually do not have reservations made beforehand when we are on a trip, but I thought it was part of his romantic getaway. Just after a delicious burrata he went on his knee, and took a box out of his jacket. This seems quite the usual stuff, but we are not the traditional type so it was the most shocking thing for me ever :) The funny part is that he was so nervous that almost makes fall everything off the table, so after all it was more our own style :P hahaha

Of course I said: “what?”, because I have never been the girl dreaming about a wedding :) followed by a “yes!” and immediately after we started talking about how small and intimate and very us (also this is a cliché, but you get me) and very great it would be.

And well, that was it, the next day we visited the city and flew back with the news to Barcelona.

Sure you do have your special moment with your partner in crime as well, if you are not too shy we would looove to hear it!

** This post is part of our wedding series **

Venetian mask - The cat, you and us Engagement ring - The cat, you and us

The ring is a heart ring from catbird, a Brooklyn jewelry store, thin and delicate!

catbird ring - the cat, you and us Venezia - The cat, you and us

An analogue double exposure, with Santa Maria della Salute church in the back (that’s the one next to the proposal restaurant!)

Hotel Bucintoro keys - The cat, you and us

Goofing around with the Bucintoro hotel keyholder, and so happy!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh I’ve been wondering about your story, you two seem like the sweetest couple, so it’s really nice to find out all the details! I feel a congratulations is in order :) I think if I had to propose I would have a panic attack :P That ring is possibly the cutest engagement ring ever, I like that you wore it on your middle finger too. I just recently bought some gold stacking rings for myself – I have a new appreciation for gold and delicate things :)

    12 years is crazy though, wow, so you must have been dating for nine years (? I’m bad at maths!) before the proposal, were you expecting it? I’m really crazy about love, it’s probably one of the first thing I ask people about and everyone makes fun of me for it :P

    I look forward to going back in time some more!

    15th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh thanks!!!! ♥

      I started also an appreciation for delicate golden rings and Dani noticed it! :) I think I love more my engagement ring than the wedding one, hahaha, but that let’s just keep it between the two of us :P

      Unlike me Dani has always been the guy who wanted to get married, so after that long (10 years dating), I kind of expected that he had given up :P However after two beautiful friends’ weddings I knew the bug was still there but I had not the least suspection that he will go that crazy of making it in a public place (abroad) and all the fuss :) but although it still sounds weird, I was very happy and he had never been cutest than when he started to throw to the ground everything in the table, hahaha.

  2. joanne ADDS...

    that’s such a lovely story !

    our “proposal” was a text message. I sent it to him saying, how’s june for our wedding? my sisters are off school and they can come for it
    he said: sounds good, I guess we’re engaged

    and that was it ;)


    15th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahaha :) I feel now so outdated, yours is a truly modern one. Thanks a lot for sharing Joanne!

  3. Blush Bazaar ADDS...

    Love how he surprised you with a getaway to Venice! <3 Beautiful story and blog!

    15th October 2013
    • We reply...


  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    this is so sweet! thanks for sharing this story! the video sounds so special (even the singing!) and the proposal even more!

    15th October 2013
    • We reply...

      hahahhaha the singing was the best part of course, hahahaha ;) thanks Jane!!

  5. Romantic :) happy anniversary. What a gorgeous, delicate ring. I am so taken with the analogue photo of Venice. I want to get back into film photography!

    15th October 2013
    • We reply...

      You should definitely go back to film, I always regret with the dslr not taking more film pics. Thanks for the nice words on the ring and proposal!

  6. Iwona ADDS...

    Cool blog and pictures! I greet: )

    16th October 2013
  7. Mariko ADDS...

    Rick couldn’t get down on one knee to propose because we were both already sitting on the ground having a picnic. I was expecting he would propose because a) we had already talked about it, b) the box the ring was delivered in was still sitting on our kitchen counter and c) he refused to cancel our picnic if it rained. But, we were both soooo… nervous the whole day, I started to worry that it wouldn’t happen and then I felt terrible that it had become such a loaded day, and then he proposed and we both cried from all the nerves. It was very sweet and to this day we point out the park he proposed in to our friends.

    16th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Aww Mariko thanks so much for sharing your story!! Love that Rick refused to cancel the picnic even if it rained :) :) Funny and romantic at the same time! ♥

  8. Sara ADDS...


    20th October 2013

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