1st anniversary week: getting ready

And finally, 1 year after our engagement photo session, the big day arrived :)

During all the time in between we were DYI-ing almost everything; which was crazy satisfactory work. We wanted a simple heart-felt wedding, with little touches that represented us, but only as a subtle whisper. We decided to create ourselves our own website (also the registry was DIYed; that can’t be really a word, hahaha), the save the date, the invitation suite and the venue decoration. Also we wanted to express our own simple style by dressing with inexpensive vintage or retro-ish clothes and selected a relaxed feeling New York inspired restaurant.

The website was a fun work, and in fact was a kind of kick starter for the blog. Well, wishing to share our honeymoon in Japan experience was a second motivation, and well, there were more feelings & reasons involved but it belongs to another post ;) If you are in the mood to laugh at us a little, do not forget to check our save the date, in which we rescued some old pictures of our childhood and (more shamefully) our teenager years, hahaha.

I bought my wedding dress as an impulse over an etsy casual find. I usually overthink my purchases (more when is an online one) but when I saw the listing of a 50s short white dress of exactly my size I emailed the nice owner of Allen Company Inc. Kristina and reserved it! I was so excited to receive it (which was very quick!) and also worried about not being my size or having lots of hidden flaws for its vintage condition, but that was not the case, it fitted perfectly and although very wrinkled :) was beautiful and excellent conserved. I felt that I have somehow might have missed that time mom-daughter so we focused on searching together simple wedding clothes for the bride’s mom! :)

Dani had a clear idea of his style; he wanted a retro look with a necktie and grandpa-ish jacket. Inspired by the many dapper looking folks over the internet, he found a brown Italian jacket with elbow patches (that was obviously the trigger of the purchase ;P). The necktie was another vintage handmade find on etsy that I gave him as a gift on Christmas.

Do you remember Anna + Albert’s wedding? It was then when I discovered that Eli (Anna’s in-law) is a very skilled makeup artist. Secretly, I was hoping she would do mine as well for our wedding. I like her simple approach and I knew it would be really relaxing to have friends at home. It certainly was, although certain fellow needed a couple of lime tree teas before jumping to the cab that would bring us to the ceremony venue.

And here it is our wedding post for today, join us again tomorrow for the ceremony and afterwards photo session!

** This post is part of our wedding series **

Damaris + Dani wedding

I would have loved to have our little Juno with us during that day, but that’s the only little inconvenient of having kitties, they do love their home and do not wish to leave it :) Here she is in her usual there-are-visits hidden place.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

Dani watching a Youtube video about how to tie a bowtie :)

Damaris + Dani wedding

Wonderwoman makeup! Eli knows how to please a girl.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

My mom in white, my aunt Maria (Julio‘s mom!) and Anna.

Damaris + Dani wedding

Juno had her own invitation suite :) Well, we are that crazy, but it really was a way to have a keepsake.
We used a free design, and personalized it with colors, chosing typography, and doing our own confirmation card design and personalized stamp! The washi envelope was an inspiration from Pinterest.

Damaris + Dani wedding

Dani was so nervous that he wasn’t able to follow the video instructions properly (and your guessing is right, we trained! :P) so Albert came to the rescue!

Damaris + Dani wedding

That was the first time he saw me with the dress!

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

My shoes were red Hasbeens Hepburn ballerinas

Damaris + Dani wedding

And I did nothing with my hair rather than a red heart ban.do headband.

Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding Damaris + Dani wedding

Photo credits: Díez & Bordons

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  1. Eduard ADDS...

    Va ser molt bonic i, per sort, molt del vostre estil. No sabia que hi hagués totes aquestes fotos del dia. Felicitats!

    18th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Merci Eduard!!!! :) En tenim alguna més ;) a veure quan us les podem passar!

  2. jude ADDS...

    Molt xulo tot, ja em va passar algunes fotos l’Anna. Nosaltres vam casar-nos el 15 d’octubre, pero un any abans ;-)

    18th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Ei! Merci guapi! No recordava que també us havieu casat al Octubre :) Vaig veure alguna fotico via facebook & Anna ;)

  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Omggggggg I’m very happy for you two! Congratulations! I bet
    your wedding is over the top of your personality with your DIY
    and so c: I thought your dress was angelic, its beautiful. I hope
    to see more pictures! Xx

    18th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh! I was very happy with my vintage dress, thank you so much for your nice words!!!! ♥

  4. Deniz ADDS...

    Oh this post is so useful for me since we’re waiting to engage in upcoming May! So excited and a little nervous but all these steps of yours make me feel good and relaxed hence I’m very into DIY details in my wedding too :)

    Be happy in whole life guys!

    19th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Aw! This would be such a fun time, specially when you look back at it! Would the wedding be in May? Wonderful time of the year. Hope you can share it! :)

  5. Mariko ADDS...

    I love your invitations! So homey and sweet. I also love the picture of Juno at the top. She looks so spooked by all the people.

    19th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Mariko!! Juno face in the pic always makes me laugh, poor one there were more visits than she is used to :)

  6. Fiona ADDS...

    ahh this is so nice :) *cheesy grin* I love how sweet both your outfits were and I’m so glad you guys decided to start blogging, it’s easily one of my favourite blogs and I get so happy when I see a new post, lol

    19th October 2013
    • We reply...

      :) :) :) :) Thanks Fee!!!! A big smile in my face for a month, hahaha :)

  7. Sara ADDS...

    i love all the details here :D

    20th October 2013
  8. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i dreamt of a wedding like this but with other factors my wedding ended up feeling very big and very wedding factory like. the dress if beautiful and you look so so pretty. this wedding is so sweet and just so you – as a couple. the save the date video was cute! love the song!

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks for your sweet comment Jane!!! :) I understand your feeling, it is quite hard for lots of factors like preconceived ideas of what a wedding should be, what the guests would expect, the type of venue and everything. But well, the most important thing at last is that you are celebrating love :) Oh! Matt the Electrician was a really lucky find for the video.

  9. Irela ADDS...

    Your dress is just so gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to get married in a short dress too.

    29th October 2013

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