3rd Blogiversary: Travel section

Travel section - The cat, you and us

Hello again! … and just like that, 3 posts again in a row, that must only mean that the Blogiversary is here! *wink*. Today we are introducing another change in the blog: a Travel section!

But before I start rambling, have you already participated on our Blogiversary giveaway?! Hope you do. I am thrilled to know which team wins, will it be the sweet summer taste of watermelon or the bitter sweet refresh of lemon? I’m like Juno (have you seen her gif on the post?), I can’t really decide!

Let’s move to the subject of this new post: We are introducing a change in the Places section from the blog. It will no longer be called places but Travel and it will better organized with an easy & clear access to all the posts for every travel. It’s really exciting to see all the posts organized by country and with all the little polaroid-ish cards for each one, with just one glance.

Travel section screenshot - The cat, you and us

Screenshot of a part of the new Travel section. Click on the Travel item on the top menu to jump to the section.

I’m excited to have this section ready before our next destination, we are visiting Madrid to meet my new niece (finally a baby girl on my side of the family!) on June/July, and planning on a 1 day getaway, we’ll see! Also, we have a super (duper!) exciting destination for our wedding anniversary next Autumn, but I am so silly superstitious that I still don’t want to share in case it gets spoiled (silly head, I know!).

Do you also have silly superstitions? Do you have your summer adventures already planned? Do you like our new travel section?

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  1. Your travel page looks SO good!!! I love it so much :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    8th May 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you Audrey! ♥ I always feel nervous when there is a change in some part of the blog :)

  2. pratiksha ADDS...

    looking forward to more of your travel posts! This summer i will be in India <3

    9th May 2016
    • We reply...

      Aww, India! Big destination, have fun! and I’ll be excited to see your analogue pics there!

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Your blog is looking amazing – love all the changes the your travel section is perfectly laid out and organised! Inspires me to get updating my own blog! Although I should perhaps think about actually blogging before updating – oops! Too many weddings and photos job and not enough time to edit Japan *sad face*

    16th May 2016
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Love the Travels page!

    16th May 2016

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