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favorites January 2019 - The cat, you and us

I have this feeling that every year we start a new series on the blog, which after 3-4 instalments I stop sharing. I should mention that it is not due to laziness, enough commitment, or because I don’t care anymore about the series, is just that I start having thoughts that people could no longer be interested and that it’s selfish/ego/easy to keep it going. Thus, I would say it raises from an insecurity, so one of my goals this year would definitely be more confident in what I do and be able to at least go for the 5th episode this time, ha! To be completely accurate there are two exceptions to the rule: the Instax series & the As of late long-run series. Precisely I’m planning on giving the latter a second life, maybe shifting it a little tiny bit, I’m still deciding how.

Truth be told this favorites is not exactly a new series per se, because we already started it last year (with up to 3 episodes… the magic number, *wink*) but we are giving it a second round with a cute revamp! We will try to make this monthly (not a strong promise, but we will do it!) with a new more attractive image and more focused on mixing more our own personality instead of only a description of the items.

So, without further ado, a few of the things that made us happy this January, which unsurprisingly are all xmas gifts!

Gameboy kiddos - The cat, you and us

Gameboy pin

Gameboy pin by azreenchan

I got Dani this Gameboy pin from a Malaysian artist I discovered via etsy because he commented that was interested into growing his pin/badge collection. Although shipping may be tricky for the holiday season, I always prefer to buy directly from artists/crafters (when possible) and (like in this occasion) you are usually rewarded with some bits & pieces that make you smile, like a free sticker or a cute postcard note.

For this pictures we had the best excuse to look into our Nintendo memory box and take our Game Boys out (yay!). Are you also a Game Boy kiddo? This was my first ever video game console and Tetris the first game, and funny enough the same for Dani, same console same game. I loved so much the Game Boy, worshiped those green and gray graphics, ha! We played it with my girlfriends during breaks and on the school bus, one life each.

Gameboy pin by azreenchan - The cat, you and us
Nintendo GameBoy - The cat, you and us
Home Alone Nintendo GameBoy - The cat, you and us

It was super nostalgic to browse all the games while remembering how hard were the games back then, how for 1 screen you would need weeks repeating & repeating the same until perfection (Jurassic Park or Home Alone would be a good example, ohmy, how difficult they were!). I wouldn’t go back to the non-safe-points era, ha! but there’s something about the persistence & patience they required which rings to me like a good quality to acquire as a kid, right? Which was your favorite game? Mine were Super Mario Land 2, Tetris and Tiny Toon (I played this game so many hours, it was wonderful!), while Daniel favorites included also Roger Rabbit.

Oh! In case you are wondering, yes! both of our GameBoys still work now and we played Tetris and Super Mario Land 2, tuut!

Nintendo GameBoy grown-up kiddos - The cat, you and us Juno balloons - The cat, you and us

Mary Poppins returns

The movie

For a month I was telling myself how to keep my expectations for the new Mary Poppins low, how it was completely impossible to match the love I have for the original (it’s an all-time fav, how can you compete with that?) and that the songs were too much in my veins. So, I think I approached the movie with a good open-minded state.

Of course, it is not like the first one, although some people also complain about the story being almost a match scene by scene from the original, but I think this was what kept me hooked and smiling, it is definitely something made towards fans in the most respectful way. It’s a difficult task to write new songs for a movie which soundtrack so many people adore, however Lin-Manuel Miranda and all the team made a really good job, none of the songs are off-putting and they are constructed in a way that they sound like belonging in the same universe.

What about Emily Blunt? Well, I can’t be objective in this because I love her so much already. I liked her Mary, which wasn’t a total copy of Julie Andrew’s and a little less harsh than in the books, just sharp & witty. I love the costume design so very much and also the fact that some of the Disney retired classic 2D animators got hired again to do the cartoons part. On the cons side, we are grown-ups now so my recommendation is to use a spoonful of sugar while watching it *wink*

Mary Poppins returns poster - The cat, you and us

Btw, have you watched this amazing promo Emily & Lyn-Manuel did at The Late Show with James Corden? If you like musicals it’s totally worthy of your time. In case you are curious, we have watched 15 out of the 22 musicals.

Jack Mary Poppins returns Funko Pop - The cat, you and us
Mary Poppins returns Funko Pop - The cat, you and us

My catch ’em all genes make me wish to have more Funko Pops, but deep (very deep, ha!) in my heart I am glad that Dani opposes to fill all our house with these toys. I know he is right by telling me I should only have true special ones, so here’s my beloved Mary, she is special indeed.

The Funko pops

Without watching the movie, the funko pops were already on my wishlist.

When Mary came home for Christmas she had a broken (& missing!) arm, precisely the one holding the briefcase. Daniel shocked face spoke volumes, he bought it in US (through Amazon) because it was not scheduled to be in Spain until much later. Luckily the after sale service was amazing and they gave him back the money without having to ship Mary back to the US (which would be more expensive than the toy!). They finally changed the releasing date in Spain and I was able to buy it here at a local store before the Three Kings (6th January). Now I have both Mary and one-armed Mary, but I can’t let her go although I don’t know what to do with her.

Do you have any suggestions?

Mary Poppins returns Funko Pop - The cat, you and us

Lego Harry Potter switch game

Harry Potter Lego Switch Game - The cat, you and us

Although this was a Christmas present Dani asked for, it was one of those selfless requests for us to play together.

The game is easy to play but fun at the same time, I enjoy it (except from the fact that you can’t change the camera, that’s a pain!), and also it’s a good way to remember the storyline. Dani hasn’t read the books and has only watched Harry Potter movies, so there are lots of things he doesn’t even remember, like the other day he asked me: what’s this building? And I was like: Gringotts? ha! Well, it’s also great for me to get even more familiar with the names of the enchantments, because now I use the Wingardium Leviosa like 5 times per second *wink*.

We do have some short plans that include Harry Potter, so it’s more exciting for us with this in mind, keep tuned!

Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us

Eyeshadow palette

Gingerbread by Too Faced

Me talking about make-up? Is this Candid Camera? Ha!

I don’t use too much make-up in my daily life: I apply only concealer, fixing powder and then blush. Not even lipstick which my mom is addicted to, she only applies lipstick to her face and she is good to go. However, it is useful to have some other materials at home for weekends or other special occasions and one of my usually forgotten areas is the eyeshadow, so that’s how a palette got into my Christmas wishlist.

I have watched some of Jenn Im’s make-up tutorials and have learnt the super basics, which is a light color for the center part (and sometimes, bottom part of your eye too) and then use 2 or three colors for the eyelid. I think the colors of this palette work good with my skin color, and are precisely what I was looking for, autumn plus pink-ish colors. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute, smells like actual gingerbread and has funny names for the colors – bring me all the cute packaging and take my money, ha!

Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us
Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us
Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us

I have also started using a cleanser before going to sleep by Lush called 9 to 5, which I recommend because it also doubles as hydration lotion and smells like orchids. Not pictured, but I think it’s good to mention.

How do you feel about make-up? Do you have a routine? Are you a make-up wizard?

Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us

Juno gets a little bit anxious if we are locked inside the bathroom, which explains why we opened the door and I am hugging her in the pictures, while faking an eyeshadow apply (tbh, I am still not prepared to share results) also, please take a look at the last picture and let me know if you can see the Rilakkuma toilet bin we bought in Japan.

Gingerbread Too Faced eyeshadow palette - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

Thanks for joining us again for this new edition of the revamped series!

What type of things would you like to see & read here? Hugs!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me gustan todas las fotos pero las que encuentro monísimas son las que estáis Juno y tú con el estuche de sombra de ojos, como es tan curiosa tiene una cara muy graciosa. En fin, qué estáis muy guapas!

    17th January 2019
  2. I remember my brothers playing a lot on the GameCube but I don’t actually remember if they ever played Game Boy. I remember all of us playing Nintendo DS though! I always liked playing the puzzle games and Cooking Mama LOL. I’ve played a lot of Tetris since high school, but on my computer. I would love to try playing it on the Game Boy though! // Sorry to hear about Mary’s broken arm, but glad to hear that customer service was accommodating and that you were able to get a non-broken Mary eventually! // I don’t use any makeup because I’m too lazy to learn how to haha. I do love looking at beauty products’ Christmas packaging though! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    17th January 2019
    • We reply...

      Oh! Loved Cooking Mama & the Nintendo DS so much too :) Zoo Keeper (guilty pleasure!). I find it very difficult to concentrate more than 5 minutes to do anything related to make-up, so let’s see if something half-decent comes up. Big hug!

  3. Fee ADDS...

    Super fun series! I’m definitely getting more of the makeup bug, I hardly wear it either but I’ve enjoyed watching makeup tutorials :) Still haven’t seen Mary Poppins but it’s on my movie watch list! That photo of you two on your gameboys is adorable! Oh and you should totally share your makeup adventures!!

    18th January 2019
    • We reply...

      Thank you Fee! I’ll try to share, even if it’s something simple which I think is more my alley & what my current skills can deliver :) Love! <3

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