4-15 years with a surprise!

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! and what’s more impressive, we have been together for 15 years!

A rather cheesy post is in order, but keep with us, because we have a little surprise at the end, we have some clues hidden in our clothes so you may play with us and try guessing or… ok, just scroll down, ha!

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us

Have you seen my companion on top of the ledge? Mr. pigeon wants to share the photo!

Looking back I think we were such kiddos when we met and it looks as a destiny trick that we have grown-up aligning into each other. Although (obviously, duh) our relationship and its goals have changed during all those years and I can guess they will too in the future, I think they have only been transformed into something sweet, familiar… better. During these years, we have not only learnt who we are, our debilities and our strengths but we have also built a solid rock that I like to call our family of three.

I am a little emotional lately because there are issues happening in our family and friends circles, which makes you wonder how our relationship is, if we will ever see it differently or if this will be as it is forever (huge word). I can only say today that I am a lucky girl who has been sharing adventures for more than 15 years with her best friend, isn’t this amazing?

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us

Isn’t it… interesting… that Dani is wearing my enamel pin and his 1 up badge… (Are we bad at giving clues?)

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us

Moiré pattern in my skirt, ohmy! silly head!


And now to the fun part… guess where we have planned to celebrate our anniversary this year!

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us


Or should I better say, Tokyo? Yesss!!! We are flying to Japan again! I know… ok, big deal? it is for us! Japan was our honeymoon which makes it the only place I can see celebrating our 15 years together, and moreover Japan stole our hearts and we have to go back there to get them back, right? *wink*

I wish I was able to plan it better, but we have been in a non-stop frenzy rush at work for months that makes it impossible to dedicate as much time as I would like. But let me assure you that we have my favorite ladies recent Japan adventures (you know how you are my dear pals!) for inspiration in our minds.

wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us wedding anniversary - The cat, you and us

I hope I can share more details soon about our plans, but, please let us know if there is something we shouldn’t miss! I am already in third trip wishlist mode (lol!) so surely each recommendation will not fall in deaf ears.


Oh! We have something left! We thought we were going to tell you the news with a BIG confetti cloud around us… but things are not always as you imagine them to be… make sure to watch our video clip, I hope we can steal one smile from you!

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  1. Cassandre ADDS...

    OK, I AM SO EXCITED that you are going back to Japan !!
    I am not even jealous because I am so happy to know I will see some new amazing pictures of my favorite country soon ! Best country + best photographers = <3
    Yayyyyyyy happy anniversary, I can not wait for you to celebrate haha !

    20th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Cassandre from the bottom of our hearts! You don’t know how much your comment makes me smile! I’m super happy to know that you will be looking forward to see our pictures, you are super sweet dearest friend! Your Japan pictures will definitely be an inspiration for us! Is there something you think we shouldn’t miss in Tokyo?

  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Qué bonitas han quedado, las fotos! Estáis mus guapos, felicidades por vuestro aniversario, me alegra que continuéis con ese amor, del comienzo, el vídeo es muy divertido, sois geniales.

    20th October 2016
  3. daria ADDS...

    Ooooh, cute! Congrats on the anniversary – Japan is the perfect place to spend it! I know it’s where I’d like to go :D

    20th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Daria, you are sweet!! Yay for another Japan fan :) this year we will spend next holidays travelling, but I’m bookmarking all your latest posts with so much Halloween inspiration for the next one, they are perfect!

  4. Deniz ADDS...

    Congrats!!! You must loveee Tokyo! If you didn’t see yet, you should watch “the girls” seasons with the parts shot in Shibuya! <3
    can't wait to see your adventures!!

    20th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you!!! And yesss such a perfect reference! I loved the Japan Girls episodes, ha! Shoshanna just fit perfectly in the crazy Tokyo :) much better than me I guess, ha! :) Thank you friend for following us around!

  5. Congratulations, and what a special place to celebrate! Can’t wait to hear about it <3 Also the video is adorable! Felt like I was watching an indie film :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st October 2016
    • We reply...

      What a cute thing to say dear Audrey, we definitely look for the indie feeling in our videos & pics :) So happy that you will be reading our Japan adventures! <3

  6. Marine ADDS...

    Yay!!! Happy anniversary! We will soon be celebrating 3 years of marriage and 12 years since our first date! So much time to know (and love!) one person, right?! Can’t wait to see your Japan adventures! It’s on our to-visit list as well :)

    21st October 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! Thank you so much Marine!!! 3+12 years! congrats in advance! We do share the same of long relationship type <3 Hope our Japan adventures are helpful :)

  7. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Shibuya! Omg I’m the perfect place to celebrate your 4/15 years anniversary Damaris :D
    omg omg omg! I can’t wait for the blogpost ^__^ Xx
    Ice Pandora

    21st October 2016
    • We reply...

      Awww thanks!!!! We will indeed be having our “headquarters” in Shibuya during our Tokyo stay, we are looking forward to share everything!! <3 <3 biggest hug!

  8. Ayako ADDS...

    Hello, it’s my first time to comment here ;) I’m from Tokyo, and subscribing your blog and always amazed by your pretty photos.

    Congratulation on your anniversary :D I’m glad to hear that your are coming to Tokyo. My boyfriend is from Germany, and when he was searching where to Travel in Japan, he reached your blog post about Ainokura, Japan and decided to go there. Several month later when I was searching cute website design as a reference to create my own blog, he remembered your post and taught me about it. Since then, I’ve reading your posts :D And what is more, I also went to Ainokura with my sister this summer, as my boyfriend alone went there. So, if you have any questions about your trip, just let me know! I’ll respond at far as I know:D

    22nd October 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Ayako for your comment! It makes me very happy to meet a new (to me!) subscriber :) You are very kind, loved knowing the story behind. Very happy that both you and your boyfriend visited Ainokura :) it’s a special place, isn’t it? I bet it is also gorgeous during summer season. Do you have a favorite restaurant or bakery+tea place (would love drinking a nice matcha latte!) in Tokyo that we shouldn’t miss? :)

  9. Fiona ADDS...

    awwwwww super yay!! I cannot wait to see your Japan adventures – weeeeeee and super happy anniversary – 15 years is so amazing you guys and I love all your sentiments you wrote, how amazing to get to change with someone and create a life journey path together :) :) And Damaris guess who is up to season 2 of Gilmore Girls! I think I’ve watched about 10 from that season already, definitely addictive – weeeeeeee!

    23rd October 2016
    • We reply...

      Yaaaaay thank you so much friend!!!! <3 <3 we will definitely have your adventures in our hearts when we are visiting Japan, unfortunately we are (very!) short of time to do such a super fun road trip as yours, in fact we have tried to re-do & change reservations of everything just to include some of your recommendations such as the Tama cat station (which super sadly we couldn't, due to the reservation restrictions) but it's ok, I think I like to leave things to visit next, so I have an excuse to keep adding Japan in our travel wishlist. 2nd season already!! You go girl! :) veeery happy that you are enjoying it! hope you are keeping the coffee levels controlled, hahaha!

  10. Fiona ADDS...

    That is totally my attitude with Japan if I miss out on something – just an excuse to go back :) :) Plus any holiday you have in Japan will be amazing!!! The coffee thing is a genuine concern, I had my breaking point last week when I ordered a small coffee and it was a pretty large small and the next few hours I was shaky and hyper and couldn’t focus on anything – lol. So I’m going to try and stay on the straight and narrow the next few weeks and just stick with my (non-caffeinated!) chai :P :P he he he

    24th October 2016
  11. Claudia ADDS...

    Congratulations for such a great milestone, and what a way to celebrate!! So excited for you guys! We are also going to Japan (only in June) and we cannot wait to check out your posts and photos for inspirations. My boyfriend lived in Kobe when he was a little boy, and has not gone back for 20 years… My first time, though… can´t wait! :)

    24th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Claudia!! And how exciting is that you are also going to Japan this next June! :) I’m sure it will be an amazing experience for both of you in each individual way. Big hug!

  12. Louise ADDS...

    Ohhhh! I’m so happy and excited for you guys! It sounds so silly as I don’t really know you and you are actual people yourselves…but you’re like my favourite couple on the internet. And I am so happy for you how you guys are so happy and good together.
    And I’m really, really excited for you guys to head back to Japan! You must be over the moon! I’m really looking forward to you guys’ pretty pictures and adventures and I’m sure you have the bestest trip!
    – and please don’t stop making cute vimeo videos, because this was really fun.

    25th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Not silly at all!! I would say completely the opposite: your comment is the sweetest thing ever! thank you so much Louise from the bottom of our hearts <3 <3 I also feel super connected with you! Oh! and thanks about the videos, this surely motivates us to keep making them.

  13. Ayako ADDS...

    Hello! My second comment here. (I didn’t know how to reply back to your comment, oops! ) Thanks for your kind reply!

    I wrote about Match cafe before, here is the link:
    First and second are cafes are nice choices to go, especially the second one ;) Another my favorite matcha cafe is called さくらCafe (Sakura Cafe) , where you can have “skytree-size” matcha parfait! Here is the Address: Tokyo Sumida ward, Narihira 1-17-5

    When my friends visit Tokyo, I always bring them to these restaurants;

    今半 (Imahan) : http://www.imahan.com/
    つるとんたん (Tsurutontan): http://www.tsurutontan.co.jp/
    すしざんまい (Sushizanmai): http://www.kiyomura.co.jp/

    You can have popular (and could be typical) Japanese food there. More questions will be warm welcome! :D

    26th October 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! How super nice Ayako! Thank you so much! <3 I'm adding all of them in our map. I'll let you know if we are able to try them! How exciting it all seems, I loved checking all the websites and anticipating the food.

  14. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Happy anniversary! So very happy for you guys! And Japan! Have an amazing time!

    31st October 2016

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