2nd wedding anniversary: recreating the awkwardness

Wedding anniversary: recreating the awkwardness - The cat, you and us

Today is our second wedding anniversary! tuut tuut! And to celebrate we have been inspired by the rad Awkward family photos in their recreating the awkwardness series. During our first year dating we took the first picture on one day in between classes at our University (this park is next to our college) and since then it has been with us: first displayed at Dani’s parents home in his bedroom and then, when we moved in together, it joined us in our living room. Since then that picture is standing in our red shelf in its silver frame; a sweet reminder of how different but still just the same those two kiddos are.

We thought it would be fun to try to recreate the same place and the same pose but still reflecting our new, older & I like to think that improved (ha!) us. When I see both pictures I can not help but smile at the fact that my younger me would have never in her wildest dreams foresee she will be so loved by this man, a big kiss to the hubs! and sorry everyone for the cheesiness.

We are planning on printing the new picture to put it next to the other one in our shelf. What do you think? Should we go ahead or is it better to leave the first one all alone?

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