As of late… snapshots from November

Juno snail mail - The cat, you and us

Although my mind is more into what December will offer us and my head is pretty much blocked with holiday decorations (ha!), it’s time to make a little wrap up of all the things that happened in November that we are able to quickly capture through our phones, want to join us?

The month started with the post effects of our Halloween dinner party and ended up with our first Christmas market of the year at the We Love Cats Market (do you remember our visit from last year?). Now that I read it… not bad at all! We also discovered a new yummy place called Ceviche 103 (our Peruvian cuisine obsession is only growing day by day, have you ever tried it?) and had amazing surprises in our mail inbox, and thanks to this blog & the lovely community I mean real letter not digital ones ;) – you should see how my heart jumps a little with love & happiness when I get one!

Halloween pumpkins - The cat, you and us

The day after the party our house was looking like this :) I had to keep a little of our Halloween decor for the week.

Juno in a box - The cat, you and us

Here’s a giant (?) spoiler, our Christmas postcards arrived in the mail in these boxes.

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us

A peruvian “causa limeƱa” with shrimps and avocado, Nommm!

Magnets in our fridge - The cat, you and us

We received a wonderful Bauhaus postcard from Kate travelling to Berlin, I read it with excitement and then knew I had to include it as part of our fridge memories. We like to decorate it with keepsakes from our travels (or special things). If you are curious about any of them, let us know in the comments section! I will explain the story behind :)

Usagui chestnut cake - The cat, you and us

My favorite feel good patisserie in Barcelona, Usagui, had autumn specialities that we of course tried: Hot yuzu and Chestnut cake.

Usagui green matcha ice-cream - The cat, you and us

My Japanese is limited but I know that “usagi” means rabbit, and that’s the inspiration for the ceramics of the patisserie. Join me while crying: kawaiiiiii!

We love cats market - The cat, you and us

Although Dani was feeling awful during the weekend due to a strange flu he insisted on still visiting the market on Sunday (the last day) because we couldn’t miss this yearly date!

We love cats market - The cat, you and us Nagataya Kyoto at We Love Cats market

Our collab friend Nagataya Kyoto was there, and we had to take a “very Japanese” pic with him.

Nagataya Kyoto at We Love Cats market - The cat, you and us Wandering Orion at We Love Cats Market - The cat, you and us

We got the chance to talk with the girls behind Wandering Orion, one of our recent discoveries that has us obsessed. They were the cutest and friendliest, and told us how they love Juno & her pics, thanks girls!

Papilla de fruta at We Love Cats market - The cat, you and us

Papilla de fruta was a market discovery! She was booth neighbors with Nagataya Kyoto and was very sweet with us as well! I fell in love with her style. Can you spot a Juno-like among her products?

How was November at your home? and what are your plans for December? Let me guess, a little Christmas around the corner? Just kidding! It’s only that I need to add the word Christmas whenever I see a chance!

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