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S'agaro - The cat, you and us

Hello sunshines!

Today I have one of those “ok let’s step out my comfort zone” posts (a.k.a me in a swimsuit) to show you a refreshing day in the beach area of La Costa Brava. Shall we dip together in the turquoise waters?

I don’t think I haven’t mentioned before in the blog that as a teen my mom travelled from the opposite side of Spain for a summer job in la Costa Brava, the name that gets the coastal area in the north of Barcelona (it starts in a town called Blanes) and spreads until you get to France. She always explains how that summer she fell in love with this area and knew this was the place she wanted to live. I hope we captured just a little tiny bit of its charm!

Mickey mouse t-shirt beach outfit - The cat, you and us Mickey mouse t-shirt - The cat, you and us

In fact, we went to exactly the same town, called S’agaro, where my mom worked that summer so I could show Dani some more of the coastal area where I grew up. A fun fact is that my mom finally went to live way more up north on the Costa Brava (hence nearer France) when she decided to move in for good, and thus this was my first time ever too in S’agaro – how weird, right? but exciting to finally have a swim here.

S'agaro beach - The cat, you and us S'agaro - The cat, you and us S'agaro - The cat, you and us S'agaro - The cat, you and us

Costa Brava, that translates as wild or rough coast, takes the name after its main characteristic of combining sand beaches, that are not that long, with rocky coves. Specially the coves have the most crystalline water and it’s a perfect place for snorkel, diving and kayak activities.

Lots of people wore this new-ish snorkel mask that covers all the face and it’s supposed to make breathing under water way more natural than with the typical snorkel kit. Have you ever tried them? Do they really work good? We didn’t think about getting glasses and ended up missing them very much, the water was so clean you were able to see all the fishes from above but I’m sure diving in would have improved our experience. Also, underwater pics with our phone would have been awesome.Although it should be water proof, still I’m not sure If I’m brave enough to immerse the iphone.

S'agaro caleta - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us

I’ve had this swimsuit for ages now, I am thinking of getting a new one, but this is so comfy and I don’t go as often to the beach as to invest in a good one, maybe sales are the opportunity? Do you have any recommendation? I love Modcloth’s vintage swimsuit collection (or this one for kayak!).

Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us

The Jelly shoes are the perfect ones for this type of rocky beaches. Dani got this aqua shoes from Decathlon.

Most of the coves are reachable through a walking route called Camí de Ronda. It was built for the coastal police to patrol the beaches and now it’s the best way to visit this area. It’s fun to find in a corner a cove to climb down. There are some though, specially nearer Sant Feliu de Guixols (the town where we were heading to), that are only accessible by boat or kayak. Dani made it a date to rent a kayak next time. The route between both towns took us the complete day (from 12:00 to 18:00) because we made sure to visit every corner and climb down to all the possible coves. We had a picnic in the middle too!

Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us

Jumping! Dani looks quite adventurous here, while I look like the graceless marine creature, ha!

Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us Cales S'agaro - The cat, you and us

We took a 1h30m bus to S’agaro from Barcelona, and walked towards Sant Feliu de Guixols, where we took another bus back home. I think it makes a very beautiful getaway from Barcelona, specially during spring and summer, so consider changing la Barceloneta for this gorgeous waters if you ever come visit.

How is the coastal area nearer you? What do you think about Costa Brava? Have you ever been in any part of it?

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    Oh my goodness, this place looks like paradise. You look so cute in your suit, though. Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone. I just got some cute vintage style 2 pieces from CupShe for pretty cheap and I’m very happy with them, if you’re still looking for new suits.

    11th July 2017
    • We reply...

      Thanks! Didn’t know about CupShe, I love how cute the “Cupshe Seaside Gale Falbala High-waisted Bikini Set” looks! :) thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Kimmy ADDS...

    The water is so beautiful! I can’t swim, I recently purchased a new swimsuit but I’m thinking of finding a new one. I don’t feel comfortable wearing swimsuits though but I won’t use it too often. But I wouldn’t mind dipping my toes into the beautiful waters that show up in your photos. The beaches near me are not very pretty, the water is not clear but instead murky and scary. I never visit it and thus has not made me a beach person…aside from not being able to swim. XD

    11th July 2017
    • We reply...

      I can relate about not feeling super comfy while wearing swimsuits & specially bikins. I find vintage style more way comfortable, specially for the later. I usually prefer to only dip my feet too, but these waters where so super clean that felt like having a big beautiful swimming pool ;) I was happy with our rare change of plans for a day.

  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Esto si que es el paraíso me encantan las fotos! Me traen recuerdos maravillosos, el paisaje de la costa Brava es una preciosidad, pasada por vuestro objetivo es sublime. Gracias por conseguir, despertar en mi, recuerdos de juventud, qué creía dormidos. Ah estáis guapísimos!

    11th July 2017
    • We reply...

      Me gustó mucho visitar S’agaró porque me recordaba a cuando me contabas que estabais en las rocas. Besitos!

  4. Lucila ADDS...

    Jo em pensava que no us agradava la platja! ;-) ho repetim junts quan volgueu :-)

    A mi m’agraden molt els banyadors d’Emes i ara amb les rebaixes no estan malament de preu.

    Molts petons!

    11th July 2017
  5. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh gosh so so beautiful! You make me miss swimming in the sunshine! You’re outfits are always so cute, I have a pair of togs I love and always wear – comfy and cute are key for me! You guys are brave for jumping too – I have a bit of a fear of heights and jumping off anything! Love the story about your Mum makes it all extra special :)

    14th July 2017
  6. You definitely captured the charm! The water and cliffs look so beautiful :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    19th July 2017

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