Born to walk

The last couple of Sundays’ afternoons we have been wandering around Barcelona, enjoying the temperature when the sun is setting and the breeze of the neighborhoods near the seaside. The perfect excuse for our walks was to test the new objective Anna got for her camera, a wide-angle one.

The first Sunday we were taking some pictures in el Born, a quite trendy neighborhood in the city. Instead of taking the most known streets we decided to explore the contiguous ones and walk ahead the Mercat del Born and then go to the Barceloneta seaside.

Are you in the mood for a city walk? Join us!

Bunting flags - the cat, you and us

Finding colorful bunting flags on streets always makes me happy!

polleria - the cat, you and us

I have a recently fascination for shops signs and painted blinds, this polleria hand painted sign caught my eye.

1 up daniel - the cat, you and us

Look we found Dani’s shop as well! :)

green house - the cat, you and us pictures of pictures - the cat, you and us IMG_3929

This house reminds me of an Andalusian patio, with all the hanging plants.

backpack - the cat, you and us plaça de les olles - the cat, you and us back picture 2 - the cat, you and us

Anna looking for the best photo composition for her new wide-angle lens.

waiting for - the cat, you and us

Albert, he is the best coping with us and our cameras! :)

on your knees - the cat, you and us
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  1. mariko ADDS...

    I love your little 1Up button. It matches your dress!

    29th August 2013
  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    colorful bunting flags makes me smile too! :)

    29th August 2013
  3. Irela ADDS...

    The house with all the hanging plants is like a dream come true! I would love to have a similar yard one day. Lovely photos, as usual ♥

    29th August 2013
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Ah awesome :) I’d love to come on a photography hang out/walk thing with you guys!!

    30th August 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh! Thanks! We would love to go on a photography walk with you as well ♥

  5. Louise ADDS...

    Oh I love taking different roads in your own city and exploring streets one doesn’t usually come. I’ve been to Barcelona only once, it was mostly visiting the works of Gaudi though, and I was very young so I should definitely go again!

    30th August 2013
  6. Gwyneth ADDS...

    Beautiful pictures!

    1st September 2013
  7. Jenny ADDS...

    that’s pretty nifty. wish there was stuff like that to do around here. *jealous*

    1st September 2013
  8. petal and plume ADDS...

    beauteous.. oh so lovely!

    2nd September 2013
  9. Delphine ADDS...

    your dress and haircut is so cute!

    2nd September 2013
  10. Ester ADDS...

    such gorgeous photos! I love your Super Marion pin! :)

    2nd September 2013
  11. Leeds ADDS...

    i love all those hanging plants!!!!

    at this volume

    10th September 2013
  12. emi ADDS...

    oh my goodness, we are headed to barcelona in february..i will have to stalk your barcelona section and get tips from you!

    28th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Hello Emi! You can contact us via the About section if you have any doubts about your itinerary in Barcelona or to ask for more recommendations, we still have not been able to fill the Barcelona section in the blog enough, but we can give you plenty! ;)

  13. Christina ADDS...

    I just discovered your blog, and I love it! Such gorgeous photography. These photos make me miss Spain. I’m from Chicago, but I was lucky enough to live in Madrid for a year, and visited Barcelona during that time. I miss it so much! Thanks for sharing your walk with us. :)

    29th October 2013

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