Castle in the sky

My mom visits us on Sundays when we usually choose some nice place to have lunch (we should talk about our favs in another pots!) and then have a walk around our neighborhood or in Barcelona’s city center (Las Ramblas, Gothic quarter, Raval..). But sometimes we try to surprise her by visiting places in the city she has yet to discover. This was the case of our visit to el Castell de Montjuïc (Montjuïc Castle).

El Castell de Monjuïc is a military fortress that dates from 1640 and is currently a public place that holds exhibitions. It is located on top of the Montjuïc mountain (the same one that has the popular dancing fountains on its bottom) at 170 m height. To get there we took the Funicular de Montjuïc from Paral·lel metro station (Line 3), and once there we walked up around 15 minutes more to get to the castle itself.

The views are nothing but spectacular, on one side you have the entire city at your feet (it was quite fun to play to point out familiar places in the city), while in the other the vast sea overwhelms you (in the greatest sense). I have to confess that although I have spent all my childhood summers in a coast town I do not like the beach that much. However, I am the happiest girl on earth sitting and just watching the sea changing colors in its shades of blue and green. El Castell de Montjuïc is one of those perfect places for sea peeking; just by sitting in its battlements.

Join us with the pictures to enjoy the views!

Bonus tip: This last weekend the new open air cinema, which is held outside the castle, season began. This summer there are great movies such as Take Shelter, Drive, Moonrise Kingdom or Avanti! Check their program here. I think it is a fun plan for the summer :)
Damaris bear hat

My bear hat coat debut in Barcelona :)

My cute mom flowers in my buttonhole Damaris bear hat Damaris jump

That desertic part of the road asked for a jump!

Goofing around with my mom

Love goofing around with my mom, she is the funniest

Red and green

Green and red combo, one of my favorite, we match it just by coincidence.

Damaris Montjuïc Dani Montjuïc My mom in red Castle walls Damaris and Dani Barcelona views

Barcelona views trying to find where my home is.

Montjuïc tower Damaris Signature pose Sea peeking

The relaxing sea at reach. The battlements are a safe place to seat, do not worry!, although the border looks near in fact it is wide enough.

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  1. Sergio ADDS...

    Take Shelter +1

    3rd July 2013
    • We reply...


  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Wow such inspiring and happy family pictures c:
    I love the one where you ‘goof’ around with your
    mum! The last picture is also very nice! I wonder
    how far the photographer were standing :P

    4th July 2013
  3. Jeffrey Chung ADDS...

    Your photos are lovely! :-)
    I love the bokeh in the first photo.

    5th July 2013
  4. Eszter ADDS...

    I just found your website because of a comment you left on Love Tara. I am so happy I will be able to follow you.
    I live in a hotel in Thailand (my husband is the general manager) and the staff does not know yet that we are heading back to Barcelona in September where our baby was born. I would love to show our son Barcelona just as you are treating your mom to some gorgeous places (which BC has a lot of).
    Do you think the El Castell de Monjuic is a good place to go with a baby? He is six month-old now…
    Thank you so much!

    23rd July 2013
    • We reply...

      Hello Eszter!

      Living in a hotel sounds like quite an experience :) So great that you will show bcn to your baby!

      Sure the castle is a good place, just prepare the things you will take for a long stroll in the park. In addition, Barcelona’s transportation system is well prepared for trolleys, you will find an elevator in every subway station.

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