Catweek: Ranma, 1 year later

Ranma - The cat, you and us

Today as the second to last post we have a very special guest for our catweek: Ranma, 1 year older, 1 year wiser. On January last year we introduced the little orange tabby kitty that had just arrived into our friends Anna and Albert lives. We thought it would be great to repeat a photo session now that she is as big as she will get; supposedly cats rarely get bigger after that age.

Ranma is a quite active cat (hugely compared to Juno), jumping and running in fast motion, but she also is very sweet with everyone going to their home. While Juno usually makes her scape act whenever we have visits, Ranma greets you and accepts all the petting and kissing that us crazy cat people are so needy to get. Rumor has it that Ranma’s affection is reserved for humans while she is quite bossy around her elderly cat cousins, or maybe her cousins know how to deal with spirited young ones making her believe she is in charge?

Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us

One of the latest additions to Ranma’s realm is the cute ikea doll bed with her favorite blanket turned into mattress. We can tell that she likes it because when we are visiting we usually find her sleeping or playing on the bed. Maybe having her food as a night stand does the trick?

Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us

When asking about some of Ranma’s latest obsessions, Anna tells us how she wakes her up every day purring on top of her and licking her face, and Albert how she likes to look into everyone’s purse when they come to the house (little thief in training? ha!)

Ranma - The cat, you and us Ranma - The cat, you and us

And what about yours, which are your cat or dog’s latest obession? I would love to read!

Thanks to Ranma and to their human pals! It’s always a treat to photograph such super cute creatures (and we are talking about Ranma you conceited two, ha! just kidding). Thanks also for all the sweet comments in our previous catweek posts, we feel so lucky!

** Do you know that Ranma already has a Nagataya Kyoto Japanese calligraphy painting as part of her art collection? Win yours with the personalized words of your choice in our giveaway! **

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  1. Kathryn ADDS...

    Ranma is so cute! My roommates and I really want a cat but they are banned in our apartment building, so I’ll have to live through your blog haha. Thanks for sharing!

    29th January 2015
    • We reply...

      Oh! When we were in a rental a few years ago we also had the same condition, the owners didn’t allow pets because they were scared they could damage the wood floors. Glad to be giving some cat vibes to your apartment through the blog :)

  2. Kathryn ADDS...

    She is such a cutie! What expressive eyes. And your photography is great – you’ve really done an amazing job at capturing her mischievous nature. Cat Week is the best!

    xx Kathryn

    29th January 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! Glad that her true playful is noticeable here :) Yay, thanks for the love!!!

  3. Ranma is so photogenic! She almost looks photoshopped into the pictures haha. Her bed looks really cozy. Kinda jealous :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    30th January 2015
    • We reply...

      Ranms is a superstar ;) And her bed looks comfy indeed!

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Can Ranma please come and teach Gremlin that it’s okay to sleep in his dollbed? lol lol. I love these photos, so sweet and so fun to see just how much she has grown! Mega props for capturing all those photos, I imagine for a cat with lots of play energy it was no easy feat! :) :)

    30th January 2015
    • We reply...

      Hahaha :) Have you tried the food trick? (I’m sure you have) Thanks for the nice words! Ranma is very quick, specially when we are used to our slow pace little Juno, so pictures where more challenging but also gave us the chance to take them in several places in the living room in a shorter period of time ;) How old is Gremlin now?

  5. Rae ADDS...

    Oh my lord, Ranma is just the cutest thing ever! I love how nicely she sits for photos as well. My cat Hexe doesn’t mind photos, but easily gets distracted and jumps/walks away. Hummel on the other hand, cannot stand some sensor sound us humans can’t hear and always complains and walks away :(

    Rae | love from berlin

    30th January 2015
    • We reply...

      This was one of Ranma’s less active days, but still she was jumping from the heater to the tv, to her bed, to the coffe table, to the armchair as there was not tomorrow :) but was sweet to stay a little on the armchair for us, thus the more relaxed pictures. I think Hummel and Juno may have the same hearing sensibility :)

  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    so very cute! where is akane? ;)

    2nd February 2015
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, I’m pretty sure Anna wouldn’t mind getting an Akane for Ranma ;)

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