Christmas love

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

We are sticking our heads out in a Sunday, this must be for a good reason you may ask? Indeed it is! We were eager to share the Christmas love we have received so far at our doorstep via cards and goodies. We feel blessed!

And talking about feeling good, a million thanks you guys for being so loving and supporting with our Christmas decoration video from last post. Your encouragement and nice words definitely spark the videographer fiber in us, yay! We know Juno was stealing the show, but I don’t mind, we know she is the star and we will always be only those bearable supporting actors next to her *wink.

We have received a gorgeous bunch of Christmas cards from friends (some bloggers, some not) with beautiful words and thoughts for us, which makes me feel extra Christmasy. Also we received some of them with goodies, Santa has been an early bird this year. Want to peek into our Christmas cards display? Follow Juno the reindeer!

Christmas goodies - The cat, you and us

My dear pen pal Kate‘s Christmas wishes came wrapped in the most incredible orange pattern paper, I think it’s the most beautiful tissue paper I’ve ever seen!

Christmas goodies - The cat, you and us Cactus pen - The cat, you and us

Cactus pen! Ohmy, looove, my inner stationery nuts is crazy for it!

Cactus pen - The cat, you and us

Ok, I’m not the only one in the house excited with cactus. Ms Juno approves this pen very much!

Cactus brooch - The cat, you and us

Heart emoji all around.

Christmas goodies - The cat, you and us Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

A part from the wonderful goodies Kate sent a Cath Kidston card (big love) and a totoro envelope. You gals definitely know me too well!!

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

The Koala card is from (the super duper loving) Fiona, she was our first Christmas card, so it may sound familiar from the previous posts. Koala angel for the win!

Sweet Mei sent us a handmade fork and (real) chocolates & cookies for the sweet tooth dudes that we are. Too cute!

Louise is such a darling always with us, and she sent a card in Dutch with the most playful Santa. Just take a look below at the beginning of her letter melting my heart right away.

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us Christmas cards - The cat, you and us Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

Elena was a sweetheart (as always is) with an early bird present from Santa (that we shared on IG, in case you missed it, here it is!), some extra goodies and a super crafty card.

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

My childhood friend Lucila brought from UK (she is currently living there with her hubs) a very nordic style Christmas card that screams her so much, love it, thanks!

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

The (retro babe) Deniz made us dream and smile so much thinking about summer with her photography & suitcase card. She also enclosed some fun for us, with a paper brooch DIY, and two of them already made just in case my hands are not that good (great thinking!).

Christmas cards - The cat, you and us

Sweetie Audrey sent us a completely handmade card that felt so special and it came with kawaii paper marks!

Thanks again lovely gals, I think there may be a couple still missing that will definitely will be complementing the ensemble in the following days.

I’m crossing fingers our Christmas cards have already arrived at the home of all who gave us the thumbs up, let’s trust our mail service (at least just this time, for Christmas sake). We will be back next week with more Christmas, sorry for those who are not so much into this season, I can’t help it!

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  1. Mariko ADDS...

    Amazing stuff. As usually I am totally behind on my cards. I think they will end up becoming New Year’s cards, which I guess is fine because they’re a legit Japanese thing… right?

    20th December 2015
    • We reply...

      I totally relate :) I thought this year I was on time, but I finally ended up (for a silly little surprise we are enclosing) being later than I thought and relying too much on our mail service. And yes, totally legit! In Spanish we have a quote that goes “Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena”, which means “you’re never too late when it’s for a good thing”.

  2. Kate ADDS...

    Oh amazing. So happy the package arrived safely and before Christmas! Love the way to documented it all and really pleased to hear you are a Cath Kidston fan! Merry Christmas my dear x

    21st December 2015
    • We reply...

      Merry Christmas dear friend! The package was so carefully crafted & curated, loved every single thing: from the tissue paper, stamped names & totoros (with their santa hats!), paper bags to of course the goodies! Thank you so much!

  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Wahhhhhhhh, again, I’m happy it arrived all safe and sound ^__^
    Enjoy the stroopwafels and chocolates sweetpeas! Xx
    Ice Pandora

    21st December 2015
  4. I can’t believe that it’ll be Christmas in just 3 days! This is the first time I’ve sent Christmas cards, and I’m so glad that it made it safely! Happy holidays :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    22nd December 2015
  5. Fiona ADDS...

    How sweet was everyone’s cards/gifts! I had to google Cath Kidston – wowzers, pattern extraordinaire! Love the happy cactus gifts too! I’m excited to go read your other posts, I’ve been a bit internet MIA of late!

    26th December 2015
  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    such cute stuff! i hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    29th December 2015

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