Christmas outfits: fancy for once

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Happy Christmas eve!

We couldn’t miss the tradition of sharing our Christmas outfits with all of you, so here we are… last minut-ing a post, ha! We are having our family today for the Christmas dinner eve, and are right now in the middle of the craziness of meal preparations and house cleaning. As always we are taking a risk and cooking some new dishes inspired by our beloved and recently discovered Peruvian cuisine, we’ll report how it all goes!

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Dani got this awesome Santa shirt on H&M to join me in this “let’s at least once be fancy for a change” motto of this year. I love when he wears bow ties.

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Since we are staying at home and cooking, we usually have a super lazy comfy approach for our outfits, but this gorgeous dress has been patiently waiting in my wardrobe for a good opportunity to wear it and Christmas was definitely calling its name. I won’t get dressed until last minute, and I’ll be crossing fingers so it gets until the last minute of the day without a stain.

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Isn’t it pretty with all the bodice detail? The dress is from Dahlia, last season.

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Maybe is it hard to tell from the pictures but my tights are glittery and the shoes are from Charlotte Olympia bought in a second-hand store in Japan (do I sound like a broken record? I am! But still I am surprised I found them of exactly my size!)

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

How is your Christmas looking like? What do you usually wear? Casual, fancy, or maybe some festive PJs? Are you cooking the meal today? Or are you going at your parents home or grandparents?

Don’t forget to go to bed early today, Santa and the reindeers need time to get to your chimney!

Christmas outfit - The cat, you and us

Big love to you, and you and you!

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  1. Lucila ADDS...

    El vestit és preciós realment. Que passeu una molt bona Nit de Nadal!

    24th December 2015
    • We reply...

      Merci guapa!! Espero que tingueu uns dies ben macos! Ens veiem aviat! Molts petons ♥

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Damaris, you look like an angel c: lovelovelove the white and red combo colors!
    And Dani, you look GREAT in that Christmas themed blouse, have a great
    Christmas eve too!! Xx

    24th December 2015
    • We reply...

      How incredibly sweet, thank you dear! :) I wish you had a wonderful Christmas eve with your family (I bet it was foodie-awesome!) :)

  3. Mariko ADDS...

    You guys are too adorable! I love Dani’s shirt, I need to find something like that for Rick. He’s so hard to dress up these days. We are in Vancouver visiting my family for the holidays and I am planning on getting gussied up for dinner with my sister’s in-laws, but mostly because I have so few excuses for getting fancy these days.

    25th December 2015
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys!! You are so pretty/handsome I love that you got super fancy and dressed up!! That dress is sooo beautiful, love the white and it’s details and of course, pairing it with a red scarf and tights and the cutest shoes!!! Dani’s shirt is amazing too and he definitely looks awesome in a bow tie!

    I literally wear the same t-shirt every Christmas. The tee is of frosty the snowman and for 364 days of the year it lives in my Christmas box – waiting for the one day it makes it’s special guest appearance :)

    26th December 2015
  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    love both your outfits! hope your christmas was a good one!

    29th December 2015

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