Christmas time & gift haul

Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us

Hello there! We are back after a short off time we took from the blog land, and are missing you hard. How was your Christmas? Ours went like this: family time – with less board games than usual but more movies – lots of food and cute sweet gifts. And luckily our menu was a hit, thanks to everyone for the nice words about it in our last post!

Today we are sharing some pictures we took of the table with the entrance dishes already on display. Afterwards we realized that the sushi was still not on the table when we took those, oh well, you must imagine then the big wood tray, that appears in some pictures, with delicious uramakis and nigiris. The pumpkin soup with curry & coconut milk will be one recipe to stay with us because it was surprising and tasty, unfortunately we didn’t take a picture this time but if you wish we can share the recipe.

Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us

A few hours before the dinner I rushly crafted some name signs for all of us with some festive drawings. Dani had the Christmas log whereas I had some cutesy bows.

Christmas decorations 2014 - The cat, you and us Christmas decorations 2014 - The cat, you and us Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us

Green italian olives are our favorite, we coat them with some garlic oil (our trick!)

Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us

We had two equal cheese plates at both sides of the table. We added raspberries, nuts and fancy bread.

Christmas eve 2014 - The cat, you and us

Whenever there is cheese Juno grabs a seat at the frontline.

On Christmas day we went to see Tim Burton’s Big Eyes with my mom and Anna & Albert, and once again I fell in love with the adorable halo Amy Adams exhales. Have you already watched it? We also enjoyed ourselves with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban (I told you about my Harry Potter rush lately…) and Grease, this second one in the theater! and was super fun! Couldn’t keep my feet to stay put neither my arms during the Grease lightning song. And finally we watched latest Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight which I adored for its classic characters and plot, I definitely thought it was like watching a 30s-40s film with a touch of modern top-notch color.

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Here is what Santa and our Christmas log were kind to bring me, and as you can see neither the former nor the later read our blog (see our Christmas wishlist) ;) In case you’re wondering, the pillow is from Depeapa. The scarf is too cool, right? It may be creepy to have two hands around my neck but quite useful when in a Slap Bet à la How I Met your Mother style!

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Cuteness at full throttle! I am completely smitten with my lelelerele brooch (awwwwwies!), bunny ceramic brooch by Silbando Bajito and Après ski necklace. Yay for Santa and the Christmas log who also went local with their shopping.

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Dani scored a pretty rad bunch of things too. Santa’s interpretation of Dani’s wishlist included a quirky t-shirt (see girl version here), not the same one but well, this one is very cool too and a super cat brooch by messy my. The Christmas log knows well the attachment Dani has with bow ties and how he has been subtly endlessly talking about how he was missing his matcha lattes.

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Dino socks ready to watch the new Jurassic Park reboot film and burger layers socks because someone has a slight obsession with this food.

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Juno is the most austere of the three of us, we must learn! She got some yummy food, a new mouse friend and a black cat pal (in print form…)

Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us Christmas gifts 2014 - The cat, you and us

Maybe the most awkward pose we could take of Juno :) Christmas takes that side of her.

Ok, I must stop blabbing, can’t you tell that I was missing blog world? Please fill us in with how your Christmas plans went, we would love to read. And also about the gifts, I’m the best gifts’ gossiper in town and are dying to prove it, ha!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    looks like a lovely christmas! love your haul, too! ours was super low key with food, movies and a couple of dogs! :)

    29th December 2014
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I’m picturing your dining table with the plates of sushi
    and nigiri’s, don’t worry :P
    I like how much light your dining area has o: Mine
    had too much yellow light and it was darker ;P But
    I managed to take some good shots that I’ll post
    You guys were definitely on Santa’s good list, what
    a lovely gifts all! Xx

    29th December 2014
  3. Kathryn ADDS...

    I love these pictures! They make me feel cozy and happy just looking at them. That’s such a wonderful feeling?

    How was Big Eyes? I’ve only seen the trailer. I was super keen on seeing it but the person I was with not so much.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas – thanks for sharing!

    xx Kathryn

    30th December 2014
  4. annie lee ADDS...

    love all your decor! well done :) happy holidays lovie!

    30th December 2014
  5. Sara ADDS...

    love everything :D

    31st December 2014
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Did you guys happen to open a restaurant for Christmas? Can you please adopt me? :P I also need to get a christmas log on board for gift giving because he sure delivered an awesome haul for you! Actually I think he may of visited me as well (I sent a very long email to you guys!) but honestly from the bottom of my heart I love you guys and it’s been so nice to get to know you – thanks for sharing your life and being an inspiration to me!

    31st December 2014

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