The day after the shortest night

The plane - The cat, you and us

The night before yesterday was an special one which is called Nit de Sant Joan, when we celebrate the shortest night of the year with fireworks and campfires in the beach. I’ve heard that you can ask for a wish to come true during that summer and in order to make it work you must jump the fire 7 times. I am not sure if you can believe this legend cause I’ve never tried it myself, so I don’t held any responsibility if you jump any fire during the following days :)

As we usually do, we shut ourselves in at home because I’m more scared than Juno of the fireworks and I prefer to stay safe that night and wish upon a star another one. Nevertheless the party is very popular, specially among kids and teenagers whom can spend hours in front of our home playing with fireworks; we live in a pedestrian street which makes things more attractive and easy.

Sant Joan decorations - The cat, you and us

Another nice thing about this festivity is that the day after the party is a bank holiday so you can sleep a little longer (useful! the night can get quite rough with fireworks’ noise). However as we don’t usually party that night we always try to take advantage of the silent and solitary streets during the next morning to walk around.

Although other years we made the most of the day by having a full-day city outing, the rain kept us yesterday nearer home and we decided to just enjoy some Japanese food in one of our favorite restaurants and see how the neighborhood looked after the storm (both the real and the firework-ish one)

Let's go & the fireworks - The cat, you and us

I finally got the jelly shoes (mines are Juju) in glittery clear instead of pink, but they are so comfy I still have the pink option in my head.

A friends’ couple is now visiting Japan, and we are following their trip day by day through Instagram (they are using the hashtag #japantomaca in case you are curious). Therefore the idea of having Japanese food was almost a need – we were craving after their food pics! – and choosing La Cuina de l’Uribou was quite another straightforward selection. L’Uribou is our favorite Izakaya in Barcelona, they have a large blackboard with seasonal dishes and they are never disappointing. I really recommend choosing the seasonal specialities instead of the regular menu at l’Uribou, the chef Taka is always looking how to mix local ingredients with japanese recipes.


The restaurant is named “Uribou” which means baby boar in Japanese, the decoration gives a clue.

Cuina de l'Uribou - The cat, you and us

Cod & mushroom tempura with calamari ink salt on one side, and iberian secret tataki on the other. We also ate takoyaki which are not pictured but were yummy!

Cuina de l'Uribou - The cat, you and us

Tan Tan spicy cold soba. Desserts are also not pictured but are one of the strengths at Uribou, I had a sesame brownie.

With a happy belly we went back home making a little detour to cobble together some pictures with our phones when we saw an amazing textured wall on our way: happy find, happy girl! When we arrived home we felt inspired to improvise a little DIY we had been discussing during lunch, soon the reveal.

Textures in a wall - The cat, you and us Clear umbrella - The cat, you and us In front of an interesting wall - The cat, you and us

Although it may look like I’m posing, the wind really was flying the umbrella! And it looks as some kiddo still has the Rian Johnson new on his head, ha!

Star Wars - The cat, you and us Blue tones & the clear umbrella - The cat, you and us Going away - The cat, you and us
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