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Sundays at our home are usually spent with my mom, walking the streets of Barcelona and eating out. Of that second part, although equally important (we are a food-loving family with a list of favorite places that open on Sundays ^.^), we do not usually have many pictures. So, instead we are going to show you the first one, hope you are in the mood for a not too cold walk with us!

This time we went to a quite near neighborhood: Montjuïc. This neighborhood is best known for its National Museum on top of a hill and also even in a higher part of the mountain a Castle (do you remember our Castle in the sky?).

My mom was short in time to catch the train back to our hometown so we only walked as far as the Museum and came back. Nevertheless, the light was very magic that day forecasting that warmer days are awaiting. I am really excited for those to come, are you as well? Have you already started to look at Spring clothes and vacation plans? I am already dreaming and got this new dress, can’t help it, makes the new season more real to me.

Montjuïc bridge - The cat, you and us Squirrel with an ukelele pin - The cat, you and us

Every girl needs a squirrel playing an ukelele pin, agree?

Orange scarf - The cat, you and us Bubble gum - The cat, you and us

My mom is one of those moms that always carries bubble gum and cough candies in her purse, and she is such a goof!

Two in a scarf - The cat, you and us

The scarf was large enough for two. I have realized when uploading the pictures that we are both wearing stripes, I may get that obsession with them from her.

Dani about to take that scarf on a flying journey - The cat, you and us Warm cape coat - The cat, you and us Dani flying a scarf - The cat, you and us

This is Dani’s interpretation of flying an scarf, he looks more a cowboy with a whip than anything else :)

The attack of the ole scarf - The cat, you and us

And that is what happens for his poor interpretation of flying a scarf; the scarf strikes back!

Fly fly scarf - The cat, you and us Happy scarf - The cat, you and us

Warm weather, we are ready, please make your regal appearance!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    you really are the cutest family! and your mom is so cute! her bubblegum. makes me want to chew one and blow a big ole bubble with it! my mom and dad both love walks. i used to hate going on them but as i got older i began to love it. they live far away from me now so it’s one of the things i miss most doing with them. that and going to antique shops and flea markets. :)

    6th March 2014
    • We reply...

      I get what you say about the walks, I was the same :) but I enjoy it a lot now mainly because we keep talking all the time, hahaha. When one of us is not very talkative to each other, that’s a giant alarm. I bet you must miss them, and the flea market visits sound a great date with your parents! ♥

  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Oh Damaris, your life seems so carefree c: So positive!
    It’s great to spend times with family and have a bite here
    and there ^_^
    And yup, I have checked out the Spring collections and
    not only Spring but also Summer. I’ve also placed an
    order yesterday haha…. Xx

    6th March 2014
    • We reply...

      The blog is our cocoon, a positive shield to learn to appreciate all the good things we have in life :) much needed after a bad day at work, hahahaha. Awww you must tell me more about your spring order! :)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    It’s so sweet you have such a nice relationship with your Mum, I bet she is super special :) I love the photos of guys getting attacked by scarfs too xoxo Oh and the bubble gum cracked me up :)

    7th March 2014
    • We reply...

      My mom is one of my favorite people ;) I’m so inspired by her. hahaha, my favorite part of this post is also the attack of the scarf it was kind of random and unexpected (clumsy cuteness, I guess :P)

  4. Laura ADDS...

    Cute photos! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring as well, but here in Newfoundland, Canada it was -18 degrees Celsius yesterday and they are forecasting 20cm of snow for the weekend. :( Unfortunately warm weather seems very far away to us at the moment!

    8th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Laura!, -18 degrees? wow that’s kind of crazy for March, right? Do you always have that kind of snow at this time of the year? Newfoundland looks like a gorgeous place, hope I could visit Canada someday (late spring or summer is a better season? :P) I ‘ve heard wonders about its landscapes! :)

  5. Deniz ADDS...

    Hello there! It looks the spring has already come there, here we suffer with raining :/ Maybe very soon we’ll have sun :)
    I have a memory about Montjuic, once we were in Barcelona, we were looking for a place for having picnic, then we heard of Monjuic, and said ” maybe we can find a place there for picnic”. Then we figured out there were all sloopy grounds :)) but because we were stubborn that we found a garden (really weird) and then had a picnic…
    And my spring plan is: to have Melissa shoes (pastel tones), going to Paris, organize balcony breakfast, and take more pics :)

    8th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Hi Deniz! :) Hahaha, it can be rough to picnic on the lower part of Montjuïc, I think it would have been better to climb to the Joan Brossa gardens up there, much nicer with grass and benches and everything. Your spring plans sound amazing, pastel clothes and Paris, that is an incredible combo! :) looking forward to see your pics.

  6. leeda ADDS...

    oh my gosh damaris! i looove the photos with you and your mom! so cute ^____^. & i looove that pin, its so funny!

    at this volume

    9th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thank you so much Leeda!! Animal-in-clothes pins are so cute :)

  7. Sara ADDS...

    You and you mom seem like very good friends :) i was in Barcelona, a long time ago but i never had the chance to go to this place!

    9th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Although a little cliché is it true that my mom is a bestie! Next time you come to Barcelona Montjuïc makes a good spot for the views, I prefer the top of it rather than the most crowded bottom of the mountain.

  8. kitsune-kun ADDS...

    sounds like a such a lovely time! you’re all too adorable<3

    13th March 2014
    • We reply...

      thanks! i love these walks with Dani & my mom, no matter how simple or short they are.

  9. Mariko ADDS...

    I love the photos of you and your mom! What fun.

    24th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks! It’s hard for us to have more serious pics, we must try sometime :)

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