Have fun on New Year’s eve

Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us

It’s no surprise to learn that we do had some bloopers from our Christmas card session, right? Although this time it was easier since I had borrowed a remote shutter from a (super cool, thanks!) work colleague, Juno – our little diva – is not one to play it easy whenever it comes to cheesy picture poses.

We thought the pictures could add to the fun of this evening, what are your plans for this change of year? We will be freezing but eating delicious food at my hometown (up north!) with my mom and will be missing all our friends. Do you usually spend this eve with family or friends, maybe both?

The tradition here is to eat 12 grapes with the countdown for the new year: we gather around the tv where two hosts (always two, don’t know why!) are in front of some famous clock – or anything that will work as a clock – and whom at the precise time when there are only 35 seconds left to the new year, every three seconds shout a “ring” which means that you must swallow a grape. It is said that you will have a lucky year if you are able to successfully eat all 12 grapes in such a short time and since luck is a serious business we usually both peal and deseed them, nobody said you can’t make things easier to fortune. Do you have any tradition for the New Year’s countdown or eve?

Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us Christmas card bloopers - The cat, you and us

Wish you the must fun evening! Crossing fingers for the 12 grapes to be swallowed!

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  1. Louise ADDS...

    The grape tradition blew my mind – absolutely fantastic! Hahahaha, that sounds so weird and fun! I hope you guys succeed tonight!! ;) The blooper pictures are the cutest, Juno is such a stunner too. Happy new year!!

    31st December 2014
  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    I love that grape tradition! :) I love when you share tidbits like that. And that last picture. OMG. So funny and precious!! Happy New Year to the cutest family on the Internet! :)

    31st December 2014
  3. Chelsea ADDS...

    Oh my gosh these pictures are too cute! Also I have never heard of the grape tradition but that sound like fun! Happy new year! :)

    31st December 2014
  4. Kathryn ADDS...

    These pictures could be some of the best on the internet.

    Happy New Year!

    xx Kathryn

    1st January 2015
  5. Fiona ADDS...

    ha ha ha ha – these are so good!! Why wouldn’t cats love to be held for photos?!?! lol Also I had no idea about the grape tradition that is so cute! My Japanese friend just told me about Christmas and New Years in Japan which is the reverse to how we do things in Australia. In Japan Christmas is for couples/friends and New Years is for Family which reflects their religion :)

    Hope you guys ate all your grapes!!

    1st January 2015

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