Japan 2.0: Kawaii + Japanese snacks giveaway {closed}

Giveaway kawaii & snacks Japan - The cat, you and us

Giveaway time!

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Hello my kawaii pals!

One of the reasons that makes me even love more Japan is the thought they put into the packaging and how they are able to convert into the cutest thing almost any daily knick-knack, the uber famous kawaii word describes it just perfectly.

During our trip we bought some souvenirs for our family & friends, but also to you, our online pals! Every time we found something cute at a Tokyo store, we were like: “one for our blog friends” and hence we have ended up with this big bundle to give away.

🎥 Japan films

So, to give a big thanks for following us in this virtual Japan travel we have two surprises, one is the giveaway (duh!) and the second one is that we have films from our Japan adventures too. We have created a new Youtube channel that will be devoted to our travel diaries, and to avoid all the hassle to keep bugging you with more Japan posts to share the videos, we are directly posting them there.

Make sure to follow our Youtube channel if you want to see us in action in Japan!
For starters we have a film in Hakone, if you stop by & tell us hi will make us jump with joy!

Well… and now let’s see everything in the bundle in more detail, shall we?

Rilakkuma socks - The cat, you and us

A pair of awesome Rilakkuma socks. The cute Japanese bear can only look cuter in your feet ;)

Rilakkuma socks - The cat, you and us

I have the same socks! (they were a present from the lovely Mei from Ice Pandora) So don’t worry this is only to show you how cute they look, yours are brand new :)

Rilakkuma socks - The cat, you and us sumikko gurashi cat dress - The cat, you and us

This tsum-tsum plushie is called Sumikko Gurashi and it’s the softest thing I’ll ever touched, even almost as soft as our little Juno, ha! The character is cute as it is, but when we saw him dressed as a cat, we knew this had to be part of your gift. We bought this cutie at Kiddyland, one of the best toy stores in Tokyo!

sumikko gurashi cat dress - The cat, you and us sumikko gurashi stationery - The cat, you and us

Since we know some of our blog pals are stationery lovers, and to keep on theme, we got this Sumikko Gurashi stationery pack. It includes 32 sheets, 16 envelopes in 4 different designs, super rad, right? Psst… I loved it so much I got one pack for myself and maybe some of my penpals are familiar with it *blush*

sumikko gurashi stationery - The cat, you and us Alice in wondeland pen - The cat, you and us

Disney sea was hands down one of the best experiences I had in Japan, so we had to include a little nod to it. At the Disney store we bought The white rabbit pen that opens by pressing the ears, fun!

Japan snacks - The cat, you and us Mini Kit Kat - The cat, you and us

Finally, and since you know we are totally obsessed with Japanese snacks, we have an assorted selection for you with 7 mini kit-kats of the flavors you can see on the gif above and other candy, chocolates and cookies.

How to enter

To participate choose any of the three below to win 1 participation into Juno’s lucky hat! But win up to three participations if you do all of them! (thanks, we love you heaps!)

  • Leave a comment in this blog, that’s it!
  • or/and… Subscribe to our brand new Youtube channel & leave a comment in our Hakone video. Both things are required.
  • or/and… Check our Instagram picture description to learn about how to win the Instagram participation.

Thus, your name can be once, twice or three times inside Juno’s lucky hat, that’s your choice! Don’t need to enter in all of them to participate :)

The giveaway will be open until the 22nd of April at 12:00AM (Barcelona’s time), winner will be randomly selected by Juno’s lucky hat (we will show you!) and announced on the 23rd of April. Worldwide entries will be accepted because we love you all, good luck to everyone!

The giveaway is a love gift for our readers – we bought them (they are not sponsored) – so giveaway accounts will not be considered valid (only real people, please!). Thanks for understanding.
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  1. Kaylah ADDS...

    Oh my goodness! So many different kinds of Kit Kats that I’ve never even seen before! AH!

    11th April 2017
  2. Jessica ADDS...

    Such a cute giveaway! Looking forward to watching your videos

    11th April 2017
  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Las fotos del las cositas que trajisteis de Japón, son una pasada, graciosisimo el movimiento de los pies, con los calcetines, y también está muy chulo lo de los kit Kat, he disfrutado un montón con el vídeo de Japón, es una delicia, y me ha gustado de nuevo recordar los vídeos de Barcelona y sobretodo, el de cinque terreno, me encanta la música, y lo guapa qué estás, y Dani está gracioso, corriendo desesperado, ja ja

    11th April 2017
  4. Marine ADDS...

    Yesssss! I love getting mail. I love kit kats more though. Both together?! :) So nice of you!

    12th April 2017
  5. Brittany ADDS...

    Have been in love with this stuff since I came out of the womb! Fingers crossed

    12th April 2017
  6. Lucila ADDS...

    Jo no sé si m’agrada més el vídeo o el comentari de la Nieves! :-) Ara en sèrio, m’ha agradat molt, felicitats. No he aconseguit deixar comentari allà però us envio des d’aquí molt d’amor. Per cert teniu nou logo?

    12th April 2017
  7. So cute!!! Especially the tsum tsum <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    12th April 2017
  8. Lizzie Bee ADDS...

    What a cute giveaway! I’d love to join, and will check out your Instagram now!

    12th April 2017
  9. Fiona ADDS...

    Everything is so so cute and I cannot wait to go check out your youtube channel right now!!!

    13th April 2017
  10. Ana ADDS...

    This is so cute! I would love to win :)

    13th April 2017
  11. Cassandre ADDS...

    Ohayo gozaimasu (Let’s just pretend it’s morning !) !
    It will be no surprise for you to know that I am VERY EXCITED about the videos and I am going to check the Hakone video right away (I guess we will see Mont Fuji :))
    I am so excited to enter the give away, I keep my fingers crossed tightly !
    Love from Paris dear friends !

    13th April 2017
    • We reply...

      Thank you for your love of our videos! <3 I feel it so much :)

  12. Veronica ADDS...

    Such a cute give away! Love the interesting Kit Kat flavors!

    16th April 2017
  13. Claudia ADDS...

    I am finally leaving for Japan one week from today and your posts have been so inspirational! So excited! Love to you two and your beautiful easter kitty!

    17th April 2017
    • We reply...

      Wow, exciting! Have a wonderful travel Claudia! I’m sure it will be amazing, let me know how it all went when you come back :)

  14. Sonia ADDS...

    Wooow, increible vuestro canal y los regalitos que tenéis preparados!! Participo y a ver si tengo suertecilla y me toca como regalito de cumple!! Jajajaja ^—^ besazos

    18th April 2017
  15. Nancy ADDS...

    Everything is so kawaii my daughter will love it!

    20th April 2017
  16. Alexander Franco ADDS...

    I love it all so much! I want it so bad!

    20th April 2017
  17. Elena ADDS...

    Super giveawayyyyyyyy!!!! Directe cap a Xile….. Miss you guys :) :)

    21st April 2017
  18. Eduard ADDS...

    Nois, jo no he estat mai al Japó, però cada cop en tinc més ganes perquè segueixo uns comptes d’instagram molt xulos d’arquitectura japonesa. Fins aviat!

    21st April 2017
  19. Joelle ADDS...

    Hello, I started reading your blog last year and love your photography and quirkiness, which is why i’m still here :-) I always wanted to comment but never really had the courage to, I guess the giveaway pushed me to finally say hi! (I’m from Singapore btw :-) Come over and take some photos here please!)

    21st April 2017
  20. Alexandra Campbell ADDS...

    What a wonderful giveaway, Thank you! ^.^

    21st April 2017
  21. Nadya Kotik ADDS...

    i love getting these for my sister for her birthday. she always loves the boxes.

    22nd April 2017

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